Animation Video for the Oil & Gas Industry

05 October , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Animation Video for the Oil & Gas Industry

Animation videos are vital tools for a highly technical scientific industry like Oil and Gas. This article attempts to show how the sector uses animation videos at each step to exhibit crucial elements within the industry like training, planning, stakeholder information, marketing, R&D, and other vital services.

Let’s start with the vital stage of Exploration and check how animation videos play an essential role:

Exploration Videos
1. Oil & Gas Video on the Formation of Rocks and Reservoirs

Such videos explain the main reasons behind the formation of traditional petroleum reservoirs and how oil and gas formation occurs over several million years. These videos have high educational objectives, are explainers in genre and are used extensively for training purposes.

2. Videos are exhibiting Seismic Images and the Energy of Tomorrow

These videos portray the application of seismic technology to identify oil and gas reservoirs. It focuses on explaining the principles of seismic reflection that also entails transmitting sound waves under the Earth. Recording the reflected waves will happen after they return to the surface and produce an image that geophysicists interpret.

3. 3D Seismic Videos

Very useful for core geophysicists, this video explains at length one of the most potent, powerful geophysical technology, namely,3D seismic. Highly useful for Oil companies, seismic videos help target potential new hydrocarbon targets below the subsurface by creating 3D images.

Refinery Videos

1. Total refining of oil and gas 

These videos show how refining crude oil take place and changes into different products. The three significant refining operations are separation, conversion, and treating. Once oil undergoes refining, it is ready for use.


2. Total Petrochemistry

Petrochemistry videos show how crude oil and natural gas transforms to produce critical raw materials and products. These petrochemicals are a vital part of today’s chemical industry and originate from naptha and natural gas.

3. Total mechanical engineering for the Oil and Gas Chain

Videos on these subjects exhibit all the phases of the long and complex oil and gas industry value chain. It includes but is not limited to exploration, production, transportation, refining and end products distribution.

4. Total LNG Chain

The production chain of Liquified Natural Gas or LNG consists of four main steps: Gas extraction and production, liquefaction, transportation and regasification. Post extraction, gas is cleaned of impurities and cooled at a liquefaction plant in the liquid state. Later it is loaded onto CNG carriers for transport. Finally, it is sent to a national distribution network to reach the end-user consumer at a regasification terminal.

Animation video  production company helps to captures all of these targeted members of the industry and other relevant stakeholders.

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Drilling Videos


1. How is drilling done?-Explainer Videos

Such videos show what happens after the identification of a potential deposit. The exploration drilling process initiates with a drill bit boring 2000 meters to 4000 meters or even deeper into the Earth’s subsurface. Examination of drilling mud and core samples to estimate the exact nature of drilled geological formations.

2. Oil and Gas Drilling 

Videos in this subcategory explore the complex world of highly integrated disciplines-from rig architecture to different offshore platforms. These videos focus on technology and the difference between drilling on land or in water.

3. Horizontal Drilling

Videos show how horizontal drilling allows for oil and gas production in a naturally safe and responsible manner. The application of this method is for the tight formation and thin layers production.

Cementing and Casing Videos 

This video shows the significance of well-casing and cementing operations. Cementing is a critical step in drilling and finishing oil and gas wells. Casing operations occur in phases, starting with the surface casing, intermediate casing and ending in production string casing. 

Hydraulic fracturing animation

These videos introduce proven techniques to extract resources from shale formations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. Fracking, horizontal drilling, and other innovations now permit oil and gas production from tight shale formations that were previously not possible.

3D drilling animation

These videos introduce the basics of drilling fluids for the productive drilling of oil and gas wellbores. Drilling fluid is also known as drilling mud. It is, and used to help the drilling process by suspension of cuttings, pressure control, exposed rock stabilisation, cooling and lubricating, and used providing buoyancy.

Alternative fuels-biodiesel from microalgae

These videos explain how oil extraction happens from algae and refining occurs through sustainable biofuels. Algae are the fuel sources of the future and provide exciting opportunities as alternative fuels.

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Animation Video for the Oil & Gas Industry

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