The Six Fundamental Content Styles for Social Media Corporate Video Production

09 September , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
The Six Fundamental Content Styles for Social Media Corporate Video Production

Social Media Corporate Video are high-performing, informative and – most importantly – your target groups love them. They’re excellent at making information both attractive and accessible. 

They also make the boring corporate bits (the nut and bolts of your business) easy on the eye and the brain. 

Here are a few stats that should make marketing team more enthusiastic about incorporating  social media videos into your marketing strategy to lower costs and boost brand performance: 

  • 93% of marketers say video is a major part of their social media marketing strategy
  • 1 billion hours of YouTube videos are watched every single day
  • 93% of brands say they have acquired a new customer from social media corporate videos
  • And 84% of consumers say they’ve made a purchase after watching a brand’s video.

These stats only prove what’s fairly evident – marketing via social media corporate videos has become really big in the past couple of years, and if you’re not leveraging it right, you may be completely behind the curve. 

With the average internet user spending less and less time watching each individual piece of content, you want to serve them something that catches their attention and entices them to keep watching. 

Social Media Corporate Video Production Studio 52

How do you do this? By playing with different styles of social media video and, of course, by uploading awesomely produced and packaged videos to your social media pages consistently.

In this blog, we’ll help you get up to speed with some different styles of social media corporate videos, which you can then leverage for your business’s growth and expansion. 

What exactly are corporate videos? 

A corporate video is essentially a piece of video content commissioned by a business, company and/or organisation for specific sales and marketing purposes. It includes advertising content designed for digital channels such as websites and social media, but it can also be used for sales meetings and exhibitions.

There are all sorts of social media corporate video production formats. Sometimes producing a corporate video can be really simple and easy to do, such as filming a video interview with an expert from your company or regarding your products. Or it can be more complicated, such as filming actors on a set or producing animated video.

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How do social media corporate videos help your business? 

Video content has a lot of credibility. Social media corporate videos help bring in more revenue for your company by driving more traffic to your website and better views for the corporate videos you post on social media.

A tip that works every time you begin to brainstorm a social media corporate video is to think about whether it helps to solve a problem for your viewer. At Studio 52 we always look at the problem that the social media video proposes to solve first, and then we work backwards from there to create the video idea. 

While planning a social media corporate video we look very carefully at the messaging that needs to be communicated to the target audience; is the video promoting a business or brand, raising awareness about specific products and services, or sharing some good news or recent accolades from the business? Once we have this important detail in mind, we start looking at the treatment or style of corporate video production to use. 


Here are a few different styles of social media corporate video production that can be used for social media corporate video production. 

Social media corporate video: An Introduction

Some of the most prominent types of video content on online media include explainer videos, educational videos, tutorial videos, video testimonials, behind-the-scenes videos, animated videos, promo videos, stop-motion videos, how-to videos and social media videos.

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Social media corporate videos can be produced in a variety of styles- they can be stationary,  have movement, they can explain concepts, or help you see what’s happening behind the scenes. They can be conceptualised for different purposes – to train, entertain, build a brand, or attain much more. 

This makes social media corporate videos the quintessential Jack of all trades! And this is the main reason brands are making a beeline to outsource social media corporate video production to companies like Studio 52

Six corporate video production styles for social media channels 

Social media corporate video production has to be wedded to a style that suits the objective of the video and the target customer. 

Choose from Six Dynamic Video Styles to Connect and Convert Your Social Media Audience. Improve Your Brand Story!


These are six time-tested styles of social media corporate videos that a brand like yours can choose to script your brand’s visual social media story:

1. Inspiring

This style weighs in on real people with real stories. It is usually motivational in tone and the content is honest and relatable.

The objectives of this format can serve are diverse too. You can use it to generate funds, raise awareness, drive social change, or even sell a product or service.  

Benetton is a brand that comes to mind when we think about inspiring social media video content.

2. Humorous 

Humour and satire are kings where online content is concerned. Statistics reveal that most people on social media watch videos that make them laugh. 

 You can choose this style of social media video production to provide information about your brand, promote awareness about your offerings and much more, as this type of content is the most shared on social media.

3. Epic

This type of video content leverages the emotions of excitement to engage and sell. It’s usually big on production values and impressive in visual style. 

BMW is a brand that we associate with this style. Their storytelling is powerful and video production effortless and classy.

4. Trendy

This format is about following the trends. Most jewellery brands use this format for their social media video marketing. 

Moment marketing videos are the offshoots of this style, where something big that is happening in real-time is linked to the brand’s story using corporate video production service clever content ideation and video.  

5. Hip and happening 

This style is used for brands that target a younger audience. There are multiple ways of doing this, like using influencer videos to sell your product or service.

Most fashion brands use this style. 

6. Traditional

This style leverages the power of a simple video to educate the target audience about the brand’s products and services. 

With a well-executed and well-planned treatment, this plain format can really work. 

Slack is a brand that comes into mind when we talk about traditional, informational social media videos. 

Final Thoughts 

The quality of social media corporate video is absolutely vital to upping engagement and revenues. You should also be conscious of whether the corporate video production style fits your brand persona. This means that if you are a traditional brand, your social media visual content should be aligned with the brand persona.  

This is where Studio 52 comes in. We have mastered the art of social media corporate video production using the best equipment, talent and resources. 

We understand your brand persona and sculpt social media video content aligned to it to position your brand correctly. 

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What is the best length for a social media video?

Your social media video should not exceed two minutes. Remember, the shorter the video, the higher the engagement. 

Is it essential to caption social media videos?

Yes, absolutely. 85% of videos on Facebook are watched on mute, so do add captions. This will also help you rank better on SERPs for a higher SEO ranking. 

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