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Studio 52 is a Dubai based corporate video production company, and we are glad to share that our Corporate Video production, Promo Video production, 3D Animation, Safety videos, Time-lapse Videos, IVR production, and Telephone Hold Message production services are popular in UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman & other middle east area.

Our Video Production Services:-


    We are the most reputed go-to corporate video production company in Dubai and the rest of UAE. At Studio52, we provide best corporate videos services dubai for small business that speak for themselves. Our corporate video for Real estate, IT, healthcare, hospitality, education, manufacturing – whatever the sector, Studio52 inform, engage, impress and excite.

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    Today’s employees are from the digital age. It is important to communicate safety procedures in the most compelling and engaging way. Studio 52 Dubai has mastered the art of communicating safety in the form of best Safety Videos, Training Videos, workplace safety tips, safety and training videos productions, online safety training, construction safety training & more.

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    Multi-million dollars are invested in construction projects. Capture each and every moment of your construction with our high quality Time-lapse Video techniques. We at Studio52 best video production companies in dubai & UAE provides timelapse video services, time lapse construction videos, timelapse photography video, time lapse video production dubai & more.

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    In our 4 decades in the business, we have delivered numerous video reports on construction projects of all types and scales in Dubai and beyond; all requiring the same dedication and attention to detail. This is achieved via our Timelapse Video Facilities. We are the best construction video production companies in dubai.

Construction Video Promotion

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