How IVR makes businesses more competitive

19 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
How IVR makes businesses more competitive 01

Businesses use IVRs mainly for three reasons

  • Deflect inbound calls
  • Enhance the customer experience
  • Reduce handle times

IVR s have proved to save businesses thousands of dollars every year and if used efficiently can be an effective customer relationship management tool.

Some benefits of using IVR are: 

 1. Making your customer support more efficient

IVR s allow companies to serve their customer base 24* 7 and answers their queries in real-time. This in turn makes businesses proactive and even help in gaining more sales for their companies.

2. IVR acts as a lead generation tool

There is great truth in the fact that a business call from a customer is an opportunity. Companies have realised this and use this to cross-sell and upscale their products and services. In this way, IVR serves as a lead generation tool.

3. IVR lowers operational cost

Imagine maintaining a team of  24*7 customer support agents who work round the clock to answer all the queries of the customers. Instead, if you have an agile and well-maintained intelligent IVR system, it reduces the human effort and delivers far more efficiently for your business at a fraction of the cost.

4. IVR increases profitability and business productivity

Not only by reducing costs but also by promptly answering most customer queries, IVRs enhance the profitability and productivity of the business. The customer’s experience is augmented with their intelligent use and tremendous business value can be generated in the process.

5. Connects with out-of-office and remote agents

IVRs have nullified human intervention in customer service and similar other functions. As a result, busy sales professionals can be connected to customers through an intelligent IVR system and can be connected remotely if a pertinent query is routed to them.

6. Acts as a round the clock auto attendant

With the human component of presence eliminated by the use of IVRs, the system acts as a round the clock auto attendant that can cater to queries, service requests or even sales opportunities 24*7, round the clock. This makes working with customers and clients possible for businesses, which are separated by geographies and time zones.

7. Smarten your first contact with the customers

Hearing a smart trained voice over the phone as an IVR message creates a positive image of a company in the minds of the customer. Professional use of the right voice with proper accents creates a deep impact. Existing customers and prospects trust organisations that use IVRs efficiently. They like to transact with such brands.

8. Eliminates human errors

Naturally, IVR uses have reduced the chances of human errors and are now more advanced in pre-empting customer queries and grievances. It has taken human errors out of the question.

9. Time efficient for both company and customers

Optimization of query times for customers is a winning feature of IVRs.The utilization of waiting times is further enhanced when company salespeople create successful upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

10. Create a better company image

Companies can create stylized IVRs which create an image of sophistication and amiability for a brand. Trained voices as IVR messages create impact and is helpful for marketing through the senses like audio messages.

Studio52 and IVRs

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