4 reasons why you should tell a story with your videos

07 April , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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In the past, marketers thought that saturating a video with effects and polishing it to perfection made it successful. People would invest fortunes producing masterpieces of media to market brands. This changed once video production became widely available, suddenly anyone could record, edit, and publish a video. Amateur videos flooded the internet and new trends started popping up.

We started seeing more and more low budget videos with outstanding performance. Regular videos started going viral, even with a clear lack of production value. People found those less polished videos more relatable, while high budget videos, featuring special effects and celebrities made them feel weary. The higher polish made viewers too aware of the push for sales.

The Entrepreneur published a detailed study on this matter, they compared two similar video campaigns, one produced with $10.000 and the second one with $100.000. The cheaper video performed better across the board, conversion costs were 30% lower. After closer analysis, it was concluded that the main difference was in the story told.

Studio 52 is well aware that the message needs to be the center of any great video, we usually tell our clients to “Forget about unnecessary bells and whistles” There are many reasons to focus on the storytelling component of your productions. Let’s take a closer look at them.

1. Better Performance

It’s clear now that telling a story with your video is more important than its production value. Sure, you don’t want to market your brand with a lousy video, it still should be a professional production. The point is not overdoing it. The story is more important, your video will perform better if viewers find it relatable.

2. Lower costs

It’s no secret, the less you spend the better. Those unnecessary bells and whistles won’t really help performance, why bother? That budget could go to expanding the campaign’s distribution, making your video perform even better. Smart budget allocation is the heart of any marketing campaign, that’s extra important for video marketing. There are infinite options when producing a video, make sure to pick only those which add actual value.

3. Your message takes the spotlight

The whole point of the video is to share your message with viewers. Exaggerated effects and production value could overshadow your message, those will certainly increase costs. Focusing on storytelling will not only make your video more relatable, but it will also make your message more relevant. People will have an easier time remembering it.

4. Your audience will relate

The right video will share with your consumers more than just the specific information. It will show them your company culture, giving them more opportunity to relate to your entire brand. They won’t feel a faceless company pushing a product, instead, they appreciate your intention to connect with them.

In conclusion, story-driven videos are more effective, cheaper, and better received by viewers. The perks are clear, it’s the way to go. Now, if you’re not sure how to proceed, finding the line between professional and relatable can be challenging.

Don’t risk it, leave it to experienced professionals. We can create the perfect story-driven video for you.

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4 reasons why you should tell a story with your videos

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