5 top strategies for Live streaming

17 October , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
5 top strategies for Live streaming

Streaming videos are a powerful tool in your marketing toolbox. The question is, Are you ready?”. The answer to this is “Your customers are”.

Agile brands have a plan for live streaming and are willing to let go! Live streaming of Corporate Events, event videography and extensive promotional campaigns are an excellent way to galvanize champions. They extend your reach, inform novel content ideas and find ways to create valuable experiences that do not require huge investments in technology and production.

So welcome to this world, and let us share with you how we do it —so that you might find it helpful to do so for your business.

  • Have a flexible live streaming strategy that can change even at the last minute

Brian Fanzo is an early video streaming adopter. He says he was working on a “backstage pass” event( how do things happen behind the scenes?). Several viewers present at the event started questioning him on his new Samsung phone. Immediately, he started interacting with them on technology because he understood that his audience’s curiosity lay!

  • Be a risk-taker and a believer in things.

The more significant investment is in people and their ideas compared to technology when live streaming is concerned. Thus it is prudent to invest in people and empower your best internal and external storytellers and brand ambassadors.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is a top brand that uses live streaming very successfully. That includes ten-minutes Q&A sessions with ring girls before matches and streaming sessions for weigh-ins!

The key to UFC success is the CEO is willing to cooperate with others and try a host of new things.

You don’t have to do streaming alone; invite others to help you extend your brand’s reach into their networks. It requires trusting people.

Verge and Mashable, two trendy brands on live streaming, successfully let external bloggers drive their Periscopes each week. Every brand can do this according to size, and Livestreaming is a great equalizer for small brands.

  • Your audience should know you care for them.

You can better your live streaming content by letting your audience know how much you value them. Live streaming videos connects your audience to you and helps you sell better. A big part of the beauty of live-streaming engagement is finding out what people want and using that to sharpen content marketing strategy. Brands that are listening can design content raised during the streams.

  • Show business value to your biggest audiences and fans

Streaming can create conversations, share important information with customers, and highlight fans, partners, employees, and new technologies to share the spotlight! One great strategy is to share behind-the-scenes glimpses while thanking your fans and enable them to share your brand story. These approaches have generated returns for brands in engagement, downloads, lead generation, influencer marketing, and publicity if done well.

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  • Have fun after letting go

When things go haywire, a sense of humour matters the most. You can plan event video production like Taco Bell did with its mock press conference. Allow for spontaneity when the plan isn’t working, and you can then ditch your script.

Plan, adjust, let go and have fun at the moment–that is the natural and human aspect of a conversational video. 

Remember, even with brands, the adage remains–nothing is perfect, and your customers don’t expect that! What they want is human.

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5 top strategies for Live streaming

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