6 benefits video animation gets for your business

6 benefits video animation gets for your business

17 September , 2019 by admin
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You are surely familiar with the accelerated growth of video content. It’s taking over the internet at an alarming rate. There are clear benefits of using video content on your marketing. You get better rankings, more engagement, and higher conversion rates. Now, animation video comes with its own set of perks. Let’s take a look at them.

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Boost Conversion Rates

People are loving video content. In fact, they love it so much that hosting a video on your homepage increases your chances of conversion by 80%. It might sound crazy, but video animation will make your pitch extremely easy to digest. Taking the time to read through your page is a larger commitment than watching 3 minutes of video.

It’s amazing what a little convenience can accomplish. The thing is people like it easy. The faster and simpler you can make it the better. While explaining your concept with words might take a few pages, an animated video will condense the information in minutes.

Support at sales meetings and events

Its good to come prepared when you explain your business to new people. You can present the standard information with an engaging video. That will leave more time to talk about the details. Data can be tedious and hard to grasp. An engaging easy-to-digest video will make your meetings more productive.

 That’s even more important for events. People are not there specifically to hear your pitch. If the event you’re attending is a good one, there will be a lot going on. That means an audience with less attention and disposition. An animated video will help you grab their curiosity and transmit your pitch fast enough. 

A deeper understanding of your products or services

Animated videos can present all kind of information in a simple way. Your audience will have no trouble getting the full picture. They will be more willing and able to explore the details that set you apart. You work so hard to differentiate yourself, let your audience know about it. 

Extremely cost effective

It’s always a pain to figure out how to fit your marketing campaigns on your budget. Usually, it comes with a lot of “little” compromises. That’s one of the most important benefits of using animated video for business. They are cheap, saving you money in both sets and casting. You will get exactly what you were looking for, no need for compromises.

That’s not all, updating animated videos is very easy. You can forget about re-shoots, reconnecting with the cast, and a bunch of other inconvenient tasks. Video animation will let you make changes for a fraction of the cost.

Make abstract ideas crystal clear

An animated video can literally show anything you can imagine. You can take any complex idea and break it down into manageable parts. Something that might seem complex and unattainable will become obvious with the proper visualization. 

Video animation is appealing

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The fact is that people enjoy animation. It represents a simplified version of reality. A little simplicity can be a welcomed sight in a work filled with uncertainty. It’s easier to understand, less cumbersome. It’s important to understand that people in your audience are more complex than a group of interest and demographics. They have busy lives, making them work for your marketing is not the way to go.

That closes our list of video animation benefits. If you’re still not convinced that video animation is right for your business you’re welcome to browse our blog. There, you’ll find more resources on the topic. Now, if you’re ready to improve your marketing efforts schedule a free consultation. Call now! +971-4-454-1054.

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6 benefits video animation gets for your business