Dubai Expo 2020 -A visual extravaganza

22 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Event Photography at Dubai Expo 2020

Event Photography at Dubai Expo 2020

One of the biggest extravaganzas on the planet is back-The Dubai Expo 2020. Participants from 191 nations and organisations will be coming to the Expo that will run from 1st of October 2021 to 31st of March 2022. It will be a visual grandeur as the culture, architecture and inspiring innovations of nations and global organisations will be on display.

Every participating country will have its pavilion, something of a first for Expos, globally for the very first time. There is an opportunity to enjoy the myriad cultures and enjoy the uniqueness of individual nations. Participants are vital to the Expo’s success and add their colours, styles, and flavours to make it a visual spectacle.

Kadim Al Sahir, Arabian megastar, will lift the curtain on the Dubai Expo 2020’s infinite night shows. The venue will be Al Wasl Plaza, home to the world’s largest 360 -degree projection surface, and will present a lifetime chance to capture memorable and endearing visuals of the event. The exhibitor and participant profile are rich, and marketing opportunities both online and offline are varied. However, this will be one of the many chances to capture stunning visuals and display spectacular event photography.

Studio52 and Event Photography

  • Studio52 Profile

Studio52 excels in Audio Visual communication with over four decades of experience. It is one of the most premier Corporate Event Photography companies in UAE and the MENA region. Studio52 works with the most talented and skilled photographers. They partner with a whole gamut of companies covering a broad range of industries. We have worked with more than 3000 Global Organisations and bring a cumulative Photography experience of over 30 years to the table.

Understanding the latest techniques in event photography coupled with its uses mainly in the digital medium has enabled us to work for the region’s most significant and grandest events. We have worked for almost all the distinguished events in the area, but more importantly, we get repeated for several Corporate Event Photography projects.

Dubai Expo 2020 will be a feather in our cap, and we promise to present our most skilled professionals for this event. The world will witness the best of Studio52 at the Expo.

  • Ready reckoner on Event Photography

We want to share some tips for better event photography. These tips will help enthusiasts and other full-service photography agencies and professionals to click quality pictures for their discerning clientele. We dream of a visually rich world and, in our small way, want to share our experiences and knowledge with like-minded people interested in creating visually enriching experiences. 

Most of these tips might already be known to you but can serve as a last-minute reminder for quality photography services.

  1. Click candid poses of these VIPs or make their posed shots in front of a signage background. It serves as proof of their presence in the event and makes them comfortable.
  2. Action photography puts you in the news and creates good publicity for you as well as your business.
  3. Dedicated to your brand’s Instagram profile and a must for the fashion industry, get your famous attendees to pose in a light-hearted manner while you snap the action! 
  4. Taking a picture of the entire event venue/room from the right angle creates a holistic impression. Such images are also helpful for use in social channels and even marketing collaterals.
  5. Expert photographers use tricks to show that even small corporate events look big and generously attended. So no worries if a few people are present at your booth.
  6. Capture natural expression instead of poses to create a more profound impression and better engagement with images on social media.
  7. A photo booth with an email registration facility post the photo session does wonders. Photographs can be emailed to attendees post the event.
  8. Including hierarchy as a photo theme is a must for corporate event photography. The team leader can stand in the front, and one half of the team can stand on the left while the other stand on the right. These people can slightly lean so that they make an arrow formation to get the best shot. It creates a unique and stylish photograph. Potential attendees can see the competent team of your company.
  9. The beauty of creative corporate event photography lies in the imagination and out-of-the-box thinking of professional photographers on a specific project.

See you at Dubai Expo 2020

The Dubai Expo 2020 will be a spectacle, and the best of everything on this planet will be on display. Like other professional full-service photography and videography agencies, Studio 52 will also be present during the period of the Expo. We wish our peers and the entire management of Expo Organisers all the best for a very successful event in advance. 

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Dubai Expo 2020 -A visual extravaganza

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