5 Ways to Break the Language Barrier with Studio 52’s Dubbing Services

02 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
5 ways to break the language barrier with Studio 52’s Dubbing Services

Most viewers across the world love watching videos in their native language. For the Corporates, communicating in the language of choice of their audience is an important factor for content localization and adoption. Language is a huge barrier in multicultural communication and dubbing helps in crossing this limitation. Dubbing allows marketing messages to be seamlessly communicated to a heterogeneous linguistic audience.

Aptly, renowned Hollywood actress Jodie Foster says about dubbing

“I wish people could get over the hangover of subtitles, although at the same time you know, that’s kind of why I’m kind of pro dubbing”.

Dubbing is a post-production process of synchronizing the new sound over the original dialogue in a movie or video with localised recordings. It is a many-sided process that requires the expertise of linguistics to voice-over actors and sound engineering specialists. 

The multilingual dubbing and voice over provided by our voice talents at Studio52 help us transcend borders and convey marketing messages in various languages for a typically local audience. This ensures that our esteemed Global Clients can also cater to their local markets.

Studio52, the premier content production company of Dubai and the MENA region provides excellent dubbing services. Some of its features are: 

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  • Native voices in 100+ languages

With the adequate use of high-end equipment at our studios, we provide professional voice-over services in Arabic, English, Spanish and other languages. Our team of efficient voice-over artists ensure that the quality is the best and our clientele is happy.

  • 1000+ numbers of projects delivered

We have delivered more than 1000+ numbers of voice over and dubbing projects in the region. We have successfully helped our clients to overcome the multilingual barrier through focused high-quality dubbing services. This has in turn helped them to localize their marketing efforts.

  • Over four decades of experience as a Content Creating Company

It can be safely said that we are one of the most experienced creative content production companies in Dubai and the MENA region. We have successfully worked as a dubbing partner to a distinguished set of companies. We always strive to provide highly effective and creative services and provide dubbing services in all the major spoken languages globally.

  • 100% client satisfaction

Our clients are 100% satisfied with our production abilities. We often get repeat requests from the same set of clients and that proves our quality of work.

  • Low turnaround times of projects

We have extremely low turnaround times for projects and often deliver quality work in the shortest possible time frame.

If you want to reach your micro-markets and micro-audiences who are differentiated by linguistic parameters through dubbing marketing messages, 

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5 Ways to Break the Language Barrier with Studio 52’s Dubbing Services

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