5 Important Industries That Must Make Use of Aerial Photography

21 March , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
5 Important Industries That Must Make Use of Aerial Photography

Aerial photography and videography give you an extraordinary view of the landscape and architecture. Until a few years ago, aerial photography was mainly used by militaries, hobbyists, and those who could afford to book an aircraft. But, today, it’s available to consumers and businesses too. Companies are using aerial photography in marketing campaigns in so many ways. Before we proceed further let’s first know more about aerial photography.

What is aerial photography?

Aerial photography is nothing but taking photographs from an elevation, with the use of an airplane, rocket, hot air balloon, or drone. While any photo taken from an elevation can be considered aerial, there are different types of aerial photography such as vertical photographs, low oblique photographs, and high oblique photographs, each serving its own purpose.

Aerial photography is one the earliest forms of remote sensing and is still one of the most widely used and cost-effective methods of remote sensing. Before technological advancements, people were using traditional photography to capture aerial images. Earlier, aerial photographs were taken from balloons, kites, and even pigeons. However, it has progressed from balloons and kites to airplanes, satellites, and now unmanned aircraft systems (UAS).

A few years ago, shooting aerial photos meant spending a considerable amount of money to hire a helicopter or plane to shoot the photo. But, with the availability of drones, aerial photography has not just become accessible but also affordable. So, who should be using aerial photography? Keep reading to know the answer!

Which industries can use aerial photography?

A variety of markets such as architecture, oil & gas, civil engineering, military, government, etc look to aerial photography for collecting digital data. Here are some industries in the business sector that can utilize aerial photography to capture high-quality photographs for marketing and other purposes.

1. Real Estate Aerial Photography

Property buyers can view each and every inch of the house, the backyard, front yard, and the surrounding neighborhood. What they can’t see is the entire look of the property because they can’t be everywhere at once. This is where aerial imagery can prove to be beneficial. 

Drone Filming Team Behind the Scene

Photographs taken from the sky can accurately show the scale of a property better than any number of photos taken from the ground. Aerial photography is also an excellent way to show details that would otherwise have been less obvious, such as the quality of the neighborhood or the appearance of the roof of a house. A growing number of real estate agents have enjoyed improved sales performance by using aerial photos that offer a complete view of the community, landscaping, and other key selling features of the location.

When it comes to real estate photography, the picture quality is the key. For this, you need the highest quality camera to get the best photos of your property.

2. Hotels & Resorts Aerial Photography

With more information available online, people are looking to gather as much information as they can about their tourist destination. Just checking the price, looking at the pictures of the room is not enough anymore. Visitors want more information about the hotels and resorts they are planning to book. Aerial photography can help you do just that. It allows you to capture the entire landscaping of the property in a high-resolution aerial photograph. 

Hotels & Resorts Aerial Photography

Some luxurious resorts are so huge that it’s difficult to fit them in a single photo. This is where drone photography can be of great help. Using a drone you can capture a high-quality aerial photo of the property giving your website visitors a perfect view of the surroundings, helping them make quicker decisions.

3. Recreational Sites Aerial Photography

Recreational sites such as hiking trails, golf courses, amusement parks, botanical gardens, museums are usually spread over acres of land. These places are perfect subjects for aerial photography. If you want to capture an amusement park’s roller coaster rides, there’s no better way than to capture it using aerial imagery. It enables you to see the whole course in one image.

Recreational Sites Aerial Photography

Similarly, aerial photographs can be used to capture the beauty of the hiking trail or the gardens. Drones give you the opportunity to capture more land at once in a single image than traditional photography. Today, aerial photography is much more affordable than before, so why not make use of them to boost your business.

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4. Large Scale Events Aerial Photography

Traditional photography of sports events, concerts, festivals, or other large-scale events may only catch limited parts of the action. However, using drone photography you can give your audience a spectacular view of the action. Aerial drone photography provides your spectators with amazing unique views of the action.

Large Scale Events Aerial Photography

Drones have enormous potential when it comes to covering sports or large-scale events. Their unique functionality makes them perfect for all kinds of fast-paced action coverage,  large-scale gatherings, and even promoting new tracks, or sporting events.

5. Oil & Gas Aerial Photography

The drones provide a cost-effective and safe solution in existing and new onshore and offshore sites. In particular, drones can help oil and gas companies to carry out aerial, underground, and undersea explorations. In addition to providing visual images, they can carry out other functions such as water sampling and creating 3D maps of prospective sites and surroundings.

Oil & Gas Aerial Photography

The aerial inspection provides visual images which can be used by the companies to get round-the-clock updates of the operations such as construction work. They can also help in detecting hazards or issues that require immediate attention from the staff.

The drones can also provide the company with data from underground explorations inside hollow tubes inserted in the ground. They can collect important data, including images that can help researchers determine the presence of oil products.

As you can see, there are a number of ways that you can use aerial photography, they are revolutionizing the face of aerial photography in every way. Whatever your industry or video needs, it’s best to involve a professional in your aerial drone photography project so you get a collection of amazing visual assets to define your business. Get in touch with us to know more about aerial photography.


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5 Important Industries That Must Make Use of Aerial Photography

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