Safety Animation Video for Oil & gas

07 February , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Safety Animation Video for Oil & gas

The oil and gas industry is crucial for the Middle East’s economy. Although highly profitable, this industry comes with numerous safety hazards.

Employees are required to work with high-pressure lines and equipment. Every minute they spend at the drilling or servicing site is a huge risk to their lives. They might face vehicle collisions, explosions and fires, falls, confined spaces, and ergonomic hazards. How to make sure they stay safe? Well, effective training is the only answer here. 

Employees need effective training to recognize and control all the safety hazards surrounding them during work. Telling them about the risks verbally or giving them a manual is not enough. Some might not listen or read carefully, while others may forget about the protocols with time. 

How to ensure that your workers retain all the necessary information? By using visuals! It has been proven that human minds can retain visuals more than text. The training becomes even more effective if the visual techniques you use are interesting, like animation videos.

A safety animation video demonstrating all possible hazards is the best way for oil & gas companies to train their workers. Continue reading to know why.

1. Grabs the Attention of Employees

Would you rather listen to a trainer, read long texts, or watch a movie to learn something? Most of you would choose to watch a movie over other options.

Employees are likely to zone out during those boring lectures on safety. A safety animation video can grab their attention through vivid graphics, thrilling sound effects, and interesting voiceovers. It allows the employees to learn without putting in much mental effort.

2. Conveys Complex & Dangerous Situations Easily

As mentioned earlier, the oil & gas industry involves complex and dangerous equipment. Accidents can happen due to several reasons. One way to beware your workers is to recreate the situation in front of their eyes. However, life-threatening situations cannot be recreated in real, right? A safety animation video can help you here.

Use a safety induction video to show the workers what happens when they don’t follow the safety standards. This way, your workers will be better equipped to prevent and handle life-threatening situations like machine malfunctions, fire emergency, and toxic contingency.

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3. Presents Things That Are Invisible to the Eye

You cannot see things like air and gases in real life. Similarly, some oil & gas industry’s hazards, where employees have to work several meters underground, are not visible to the eye (for example, the waves coming from radio-active equipment). These hazards need more attention from the workers because they are more likely to go unnoticed. A safety video can bring such things to life to represent them more effectively to the workers.

4. Helps Workers Crunch More Information

“A picture is worth a thousand words. A video must be even more!”

With conventional training methods, you need more time to explain complex concepts. Plus, today’s short attention spans mean that the workers get distracted quickly. Therefore, you need to provide them with a way to learn as much as possible within a short time. This is exactly what an oil & gas safety video with interesting animations does! You can easily deliver all the information covered in a thick and long manual with a 2 to 3-minute video.

5. Demonstrates Zoom-in and Zoom-out Views

Some concepts need to be presented from different angles and dimensions. A safety animation video allows you to present objects with zoomed-in and zoomed-out views. It helps workers better understand the related concepts and remember them more effectively.

For example, the machinery involved in oil & gas extraction is complex, consisting of numerous parts. A safety animation video enables you to display cross-sections of machinery and cut-outs of products with a better emphasis.

6. Provides Continued Access

People carry their smartphones with themselves all the time. Therefore, animated videos are a training tool that stays with the workers everywhere. Plus, watching a video does not take up much of their time. Therefore, they can see the videos whenever they are free. Going through the information multiple times at their convenience allows them to remember things more effectively. 

7. Cost-Effective than Most Methods

You should not worry about budgets when it comes to the health and safety of your workers. However, why not avail the chance to train them more effectively without spending a fortune? Real-life demonstrations or videos can be very expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to arrange. On the other hand, a safety video is cheaper to produce, and they allow you to explain the same concepts and situations even more clearly. 

8. Adopts Story-Telling Technique

Who doesn’t love stories, right? Learning the dangers and threats to their lives can be overwhelming for the workers. A safety animation video is a less intense way to train them for safety. You can create hypothetical characters to which your workers can relate. The animation video’s story-telling technique makes the training even more interactive.

Final Words

The oil & gas industry holds a lot of risk for the field workers. Dangerous machinery, chemicals, and vehicles put their lives at risk every second. Therefore, it is legally and ethically binding for oil & gas companies to provide their workers with effective training. Those boring lectures and long manuals just don’t work anymore! Animated videos have taken over the safety training now.

An oil & gas safety video allows workers to retain important information more effectively. Plus, its making does not cost much compared to real-life demonstrations or live-shoot videos. Also, oil & gas companies can explain complex situations and concepts more easily using animations.

Contact us for safety video production in Dubai & Saudi Arabia if you want to prevent major accidents with this amazing technique.


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