Why Industrial Animation Video Increase Conversion Rate By 40%

17 May , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
Studio52 Why industrial animation video increase conversion rate by 40%

If you want to make your marketing content for engaging, then an industrial animation video is the right choice for your business. Industrial animation videos have been proven to more easily break down the processes and technical components using video that can customized to target any audience. 

It’s now easier than ever to engage the next generation of customers because industrial animation videos stand out from old-fashioned marketing methods and play on the fact that today’s consumers love the great videos they can watch online. 

No matter what industry you’re in or what you work with it, be it advanced tech with complex processes or complicated machinery, Industrial Animation Videos are the most affordable and creative way to explain your products and services to potential customers. You can show off products, flaunt your unique selling proposition and get them primed to sign with you before you even have a chance to meet in person. 

Really need to convert that sale? Don’t hinge everything on a live demonstration that could go wrong or a wordy lecture that could leave your audience bored and uninterested. Industrial Animation Videos can perfectly explain advanced ideas in a visual way using 3D animations to ensure that everything aspect of the product or service is clearly understood. 





So can Industrial Animation Videos benefit both vendors and clients?
The answer is “Yes”!”… so let’s take a closer look at how: 

They Look Amazing

You can simplify a technical process through the use of creative lighting, unique camera shots, and interactive strategies to turn out visually stunning images. These types of videos are also great to share externally on your social media. Any Industrial Animation Video you produce can easily fit on every digital and social media platform. Marketing campaigns using your video on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook can be very effective conversion tools. There are also no limitations on where you can post your video in the marketing process, whether it’s trying to attract first-time customers or retain current ones with an informative explainer video about new products and services.  

Marketing That’s Affordable

Going with a full-on camera crew and hiring live actors can be a very expensive endeavour and going with an Industrial Animation Video instead can save you a lot of money and time. This kind of creative production is friendly for your finances and there’s no limitation on the time of year you can produce them. No need to wait for that perfect weather day!

Photos Can’t Tell The Whole Story

There are some things that real-life photography can’t show people, like the inside of the product if you sliced it in half, or how things are operating in a dangerous laboratory. But with Industrial Animation Video, you can show off to your clients the latest prototype. You can pull things apart that aren’t meant to come apart, and processes into slow motion which otherwise could never been seen or enjoyed by the naked eye. And think about this: If you had a live camera crew you would have to do extra cleaning around the work area to get rid of every speck of dust or oil. With Industrial Animation Video, you create the squeaky clean image you’d like to convey to the world—with no extra effort on your part! 

Always Comes Through Where Traditional Means Fail

Sometimes you don’t have the time, the money or the manpower to draft a budget, write a script, and develop a team of people to help you create a video. You’ll feel pressured to rent a lot of expensive equipment and make ap production schedule. And on a tight budget, that can feel nearly impossible. Industrial Animation Videos are cost-effective and can be put together with just a few days’ notice. 

Make Changes Easier For Your Team and Clients To Process

Trying to explain design change to people can be tricky, but Industrial Animation Videos make it easier than ever. You can create a video that shows people how the change is happening in real-time to make it seem like less of an annoyance or daunting venture. An Industrial Animation Video always presents well to senior leadership and prospective clients to help them understand a complex manufacturing process.

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Industrial Animation Videos For Every Industry

Architecture: Architects really benefit from Industrial Animation Videos because it can help potential investors and clients how the building will look in the desired neighbourhood at the perfect scale. It can also incorporate elements of landscaping, people and other environmental factors. 

Engineering: Mechanical engineers can use Industrial Animation Videos to show the intricate details and workings of an important and complex machine. Meanwhile, Civil engineers can use these animation videos to bring blueprints to life in a 3D model to help people experience the new building before a single shovel goes into the ground. 

Manufacturing: Explain the manufacturing process easier than ever before. Use creative lighting and camera angles to highlight your industry-leading methods and processes and show clients why they trust you more than your competitors. 

So how can animation video production helps in increase your conversion rate by 40%? Let us count the reasons: 

  • They’re Just Easy 

Industrial animation videos make it easy to visualize how a product or service actually works. You can also use these videos to simplify a complex technological process or make someone see the big picture when it comes to a design that has yet to be built. Nobody is going to be inspired by boring blueprints or pages of online  articles or instruction manuals. You need something a little more colourful and creative to make people truly understand the complexities of your business. Industrial animation videos give your customers and prospective clients an aerial view of your organization and easy-to-digest information about the idea they’re investing in. If your industrial animation video is good enough, it will convince more people to buy into your business and trust your management of the enterprise. 

  • They’re Attention Grabbers 

Humans are naturally drawn to moving pictures and dynamic movements as opposed to a plain, static picture. Studies show that people online are way more likely to click on a video ad than a plain text ad. Web pages embedded with an industrial animation video will retain a user for more screen time overall. If you need more convincing about industrial animation videos, think of it this way: People will keep more than 90% of the knowledge they get from a video as opposed to just about 10% of the information they’ll get from simply reading something. 

  • Sweet Emotions

An industrial animation video is your chance to touch the potential customer’s imagination. Through effective storytelling, you can draw in a person and make them visualize that condo development or sleek new product design. In this manner, you can boost customer interaction and interest to improve your conversion rate.

  • Make Them See It Your Way

An effective industrial animation video attempts to address all concerns about a project and solve all mysteries about a process. An industrial animation video easily pulls back the curtain on parts of your business or answers valid and important questions about how something gets built. It’s a professional way to show you’re on top of your team and that you have a plan in place. 

Advantages of Industrial Animation for eCommerce

Industrial Animation Videos can really shine in the world of e-commerce because bringing your product or idea to life in an industrial animation can put your company’s offering at a higher level of respect in the mind of the consumer, which of course will make it easier for you to convert a sale. 

Advantages of Industrial Anmation for eCommerce

The main advantages of using Industrial Animation Video to increase your conversion rate are: 

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Not So Many Returns

Consumer Confidence: Industrial animation videos depicting your service or product allow customers and clients to take what you have for a “test drive” on a digital level. An animation video can remove the stress a customer might feel before deciding to go ahead with their purchase or investment. Also, it makes your product or service more approachable. Being able to see or interact with some on a digital level takes away the fear of the unknown. 

Not So Many Returns: When you have an industrial animation of some product that you’re selling, you are instilling confidence into your potential customers to buy or invest in that product. You are being totally transparent about function, measurements and the overall aesthetic, so there’s no surprises and meaning fewer returns. Industrial animation videos take away all the assumptions because you’ve provided everyone with a realistic overview. 

Studio 52 Is Here To Help! 

Creating your industrial animation video to increase conversion rates is a very time-consuming process. Hiring the team at Studio 52 ensures that you’re getting a highly experienced and creative team to meet all of your needs. We work closely with you to develop content that aligns with your company’s values and brand strategy. Studio 52 can create the ideal Industrial Animation Video to help you increase your conversion rates and boost your business today. Contact us now for a free consultation.


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Why Industrial Animation Video Increase Conversion Rate By 40%

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