5 Photography Tips for Corporate Halloween Parties

29 October , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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Halloween is right around the corner. It’s a special night where there are parties everywhere. People dress up in their costumes and many houses are decorated. This is also a great opportunity to do Halloween themed parties in your business. Because it’s such a special occasion, many photography options are waiting for you. You just gotta pick up the camera and look for the perfect moment. With your pictures, you’ll surely impress the whole company with the best Halloween images they’ve ever seen. If you need some extra inspiration, here in Studio 52 we’ll give you the best tips to take photos on such a special night. This way you’ll get spectacular pictures. Ready to find out? Keep on reading, then!

  1. Look for Details and Make Them Stand Out

There are many things that stand out on Halloween night and decorations in the office are no doubt one of them. They have plenty of details that can give you some fantastic pictures. Even though it’s a night inspired to be terrifying, don’t be scared to come close with your camera. If a picture doesn’t get much interest, it’s because you weren’t close enough. Keep this in mind, and come close to identify the focal point and portray it with your camera.

  1. Highlight the People

There are a lot of workers in a company; they’re an essential part of it, after all. This means that something you don’t see every day will happen. They’re going to get in costume and wear makeup. Make them the protagonists. Exploit this opportunity to get very original pictures. Don’t forget to always focus on the eyes and applying the stare rule. This way you’ll make the pictures and the workers in them, more frightening.

  1. Change the Point of View

The situations that are going to present themselves will be extraordinary enough for you to look at another point of view. Add a different point of view to the decoration, the costumes, and the makeup. The pictures’ success is almost guaranteed. Avoid the typical standing photo and experiment with another angle. Maybe crouch and take a picture from below to make the protagonist scarier or perhaps get up on a chair and take it from above to capture someone’s fear. Just look for a different point of view.

  1. Live the Situation From the Inside

Corporate parties are done to have a great time. Enjoy the pictures, but also the atmosphere and the people that work there. If you participate with others, the pictures will also feel more personal, more relatable. Besides, people will relax and everything will be more natural.

  1. Look for the Best Lighting

Halloween parties make more sense at night. The environment you get is fantastic, but remember that photography is basically light. If you don’t have it, it’ll be more complicated to get a good picture. Always keep in mind to take photos in places that have the most light. You can also take advantage of your camera features. Multiple options are out there.

There you have it! We gave you what we consider some of the most important tips. Now it’s time for you to put it to practice since that the special day is approaching. Perhaps more ideas came to mind while you read this article. If you want to know, even more, don’t hesitate to contact us at Studio 52.


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5 Photography Tips for Corporate Halloween Parties

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