Should You Hire a Human or AI Voice Over? 

06 September , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
human voice over vs ai voice over

We live in an era of incredible technological advancements — from the fascinating Metaverse to groundbreaking AI tools like ChatGPT, the world of technology is evolving at an astonishing pace. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated various industries, including the voiceover industry.

Today, we will delve into the world of AI voiceovers and explore their advantages and limitations compared to humans. Do they even come close to par with the charm of the human voice, or will they ever?

Let’s see what answers the dilemma of our age holds!

What Is an AI Voice?

Imagine a world where synthetic voices exist and can be transformed into speech through AI voice generators. This world is already here, and these mind-boggling tools have already produced some note-worthy creations.

In the early days, AI voiceovers were stuck in a robotic time warp, using pre-recorded words from a database, resulting in an impersonal mechanical audio experience. Owing to the advanced algorithms and software improvements, this landscape has changed dramatically. Today’s text-to-speech software has come a long way, producing more realistic and human-sounding outputs.

So, what’s the secret behind these impressive advancements? Let’s unravel the mysteries behind the tech and discover the advantages and limitations of AI voiceovers compared to us, the good old-fashioned voice artists!

Human Voice over vs AI VO

AI vs. Human — Who Wins?

Each option comes with its perks and quirks, and we’re here to explore the ins and outs of both sides. 

AI Voice Pros

Starting with the obvious, the turnaround time of AI Voice is lightning-fast. With the power of technology, the lengthy process of script rehearsals, voice recording, or tedious editing become obsolete. The minimum work finished product by AI speeds up the entire production process.

Cost-effectiveness is another significant advantage. With AI voiceovers, you can bid farewell to the expenses associated with hiring voice actors, setting up recording equipment, and booking a sound studio. This assigned budget can be allocated to other business growth strategies.

The ease of editing the recorded content is a game-changer – no more back-and-forth with the human voice agency. You’re in the driver’s seat, making changes whenever you please.

The allure of AI Voiceover is hard to deny, with such incredible benefits at your disposal. But before you jump onto the next best AI tool, there are some serious drawbacks you should be aware of! 

AI Voice Cons

First, there is an issue of accents and dialects. AI voiceovers often sound mechanical without the charm of local dialects. That’s a major loss for any brand trying to captivate specific regional areas!

Flexibility is another area where AI voiceovers fall short. A professional voice actor brings the magic of improvisation, seamlessly replacing words to suit the script’s flow and timing better. Unfortunately, machines lack that innate understanding of human expression, making it a tad mechanical and too straight to the point.

And the most significant drawback is the lack of human-like quality. When communicating, people are naturally to human voices, and AI voiceovers struggle to replicate that personal touch. Building rapport and emotional connections can be challenging with the mechanical input of AI.

Now, let’s see what people have to offer and why they, in all seriousness, still pack a strong punch in your marketing efforts!

Human Voice Pros

When you opt for a human voice, you unlock the personal connection of the artist to the caller that no software has managed to achieve. Human voiceover adds an unbeatable charm to your project. The script is not generic and adapted from an available database or ready templates. Instead, the voice is tailored to fit your brand tone and USP. With a human voice, your business can enjoy a one-of-a-kind voiceover that sets your content apart and leaves a lasting impression.

The true power of the human voice over a machine-generated one lies in its ability to convey messages authentically. And this authenticity helps your brand connect with the audience on a deeper level – the message resonates with them in a way AI voices can’t replicate. The result? A production that exudes quality and captivates the hearts of your listeners.

While they bring a lot of magic to the table, some negative aspects are worth considering.

Human Voice Cons

Hiring a voice actor, setting up the equipment, and booking a studio all come with a price tag. It’s an investment in quality, but it can impact your budget.

Next up, we have a matter of time. Working with voice artists involves more steps in the production process. You must dedicate time to agency and actor recruitment, recording sessions, and editing. It may take longer to get your project ready for the limelight.

If you decide to handle voiceovers in-house, there are some additional costs. Investing in equipment and resources can be necessary to ensure a smooth and professional production.

While voice artists offer incredible talent and human touch, weighing these considerations against your project’s needs and resources is essential. The quest for the perfect voiceover match continues, and we’re here to guide you through the decision-making process.

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How Real Is the AI Threat to Human Artists?

Currently, our talented voice artists can rest easy knowing that AI voices won’t be taking over anytime soon. While AI-generated agents can mimic human speech impressively, they still lack that genuine touch. This means the spotlight will continue to shine on live voice experts, even as AI voiceovers gain more ground.

Voiceover artists are still and will remain the beating heart of the industry, crafting compelling stories and messages for businesses that collaborate with them. The AI twist broadens the stage, welcoming more companies and groups to join in the game and experiment.

Is There Ever a Time To Use AI for Voice Over?

It’s important to acknowledge our inherent bias, being a voiceover agency. Naturally, we firmly believe that human-recorded voiceovers reign supreme – at least for now. However, it’s hard to ignore the strides made by various software systems, particularly in English. The march of progress suggests that an AI-generated voice might catch up sooner or later.

While the growing influence of AI in our field might seem daunting, it’s worth noting that it democratises voiceovers for all kinds of companies, regardless of size. What used to be a resource-intensive endeavour reserved for more prominent players is now within reach for everyone, and here are some upsides of an excellent voiceover production house – 

How Studio 52 Helps

If you’re ready to move beyond AI and enter the major leagues, our team is here to help!

Our voiceover experts excel are skilled to explore a wide range of dialects and voices to fit your brand and infuse life in your business voice over.

When it comes to creating lasting memories and forming strong connections with your audience, the choice is obvious — enlist the talent of our genuine voiceover artists. To create an unmatched duo of your brand story with their voice, contact us today and let the magic begin!


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