Guidelines to Choose Telephone Hold Service Provider

14 July , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
Telephone Hold Service Provider

On hold messages are a great way to sustain interest of callers and at the same time advertising your business. In fact 85% of callers prefer on hold messages over silence. It is proven that callers stay on the line up to 25% longer when provided with on hold messages compared to silence or mere background music. So, it is obviously a wise choice to go for on hold messages. And just the same, it is equally important to select a right telephone hold message provider. Because the highest proportion of your marketing budget is spent on inducing a customer call. So when you do receive that call, you must leave no stones upturned to ensure that the call is handled efficiently. Here are tips that will help you selecting an appropriate telephone hold message provider.

  1. Does it have experience?

Sometimes on hold music and message companies have latest technology and young team, and they forget on experience, but you can’t forget while considering telephone hold message production company. Check their overall experience and type of industries it has worked for.

  1. Do you check the portfolio?

The audio production house may have an extensive experience, but is it relevant to your industry? Before initiating the partnership, go through their portfolio thoroughly. See, whether you can observe any relation between their portfolio and your objective? Go through each client’s testimonial and know about their experience and success story. Because happy and satisfied clients are the sign of capable message on hold service provider.

  1. Is there value for money the package?

Understand various packages before making any deal with audio production company. Some include scripting, some include only production, some package gives services from concept to execution. Explain your need to telephone hold message service provider company, get a quote or suitable service package for that and after analysing all the aspects of package, select the most cost effective and appropriate package for your brand.

  1. Do you listen to their telephone hold message?

You can make custom on hold message, advertising on hold message or put music in your telephone hold message; whatever you give to the person who is on hold should have the quality. The poor quality or technical error or continuous disruption can damage your brand in terribly. So, never compromise on quality. Listen to their messages, feel contented with their work and then begin the project.

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Guidelines to Choose Telephone Hold Service Provider

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