How to Use Real Estate walkthrough Video Marketing to Sell More Property?

22 February , 2022 by Rashida Saeed
How to Use Real Estate walkthrough Video Marketing to Sell More Property

Finding the right place to live is a tough endeavor for everyone. 

As a realtor, you have to ensure that the property you sell stands up to your client’s expectations in every aspect. In current times, when shoebox flats are sold in the name of spacious two-bedroom apartments, people have already become skeptical about real estate agents. 

Considering that, how can you convince your clients that you can give them exactly what they want? Well, this is where real estate marketing comes into play! With the right real estate marketing tools, you can grow your real estate business beyond imagination.

One of the best ways to sell more property these days is a real estate walkthrough video. Continue reading to know how you can use this powerful marketing tactic.

What Is a Walkthrough Video?

A walkthrough video refers to a short clip covering the entire layout of a property, showing off important features like the number of rooms, size, style, condition of appliances, etc. You can capture it through a mobile phone or any other lightweight device. 

Walkthrough Production help you bring a property to life. You can use them as a promotional tool to attract potential customers or convince interested buyers that the property is all ready for them to settle down. Simply put, these videos let realtors display properties effectively and give buyers the chance to envision themselves in a home.

Why Use a Real Estate Walkthrough Video? 

Would you buy a house without actually seeing it? Not a chance! Buyers always want to see every nook and corner of an estate before they decide to buy it. 

Earlier, realtors had to convince potential customers to visit their properties. Then, they had to give them a detailed tour in person. Just imagine having to show the same property to multiple clients! Now, they can give virtual tours to their customers through a real estate walkthrough video (all thanks to advanced videography equipment).

Here are a few reasons why real estate walkthrough video marketing has become an important selling tool for real estate companies.

  • Images Are Not Enough.

Although product images are an integral part of marketing, they are not enough when it comes to real estate. Why? Because some things are impossible to capture in a still photograph, like light quality, neighborhood vibes, etc. A walkthrough video can convey everything that a photo can’t.

  • Videos are in The Trend

Most people spend half of their day scrolling through the Internet and their newsfeeds. Researches show that they usually love videos more than text and images. Therefore, real estate companies can use walkthrough videos as content for their website and social media.

  • Close to In-Person Experience

Personal visits by clients are not possible every time. Some people don’t have the time to visit multiple properties, while others may be based in different cities or countries. Some people just choose not to visit due to personal reasons. A walkthrough video can be a lifesaver in such cases. It makes the client feel as if they are there personally.

  • Stand Out from Competitors

Surprisingly, video marketing is not quite common in real estate for now. Some realtors don’t have enough budget to make high-quality videos, while others are still unaware of their advantages. Therefore, a walkthrough video will help your listings stand out from the competitors. That means you can generate more leads and sell more properties eventually. 

  • Closes Deals Faster

Real estate clients usually have numerous questions in their minds. These questions may be about available facilities, nearby surroundings, light quality, etc. Realtors can close deals more quickly by answering basic queries through a real walkthrough video. Some clients won’t even ask for an in-person tour if all of their concerns are addressed in the video properly. 

How to Use Walkthrough Videos to Sell More Property?

Real estate walkthrough videos have the desired impact on sales only if they are used the right way. Here are some effective tips to help you in this regard.

1. Plan Ahead

Yes, planning is always crucial to get things done right! Any real estate walkthrough video service provider will recommend you to have a clear objective in mind before production. You need to consider the following points: 

  • The selling points of your property 
  • A basic idea for the script
  • Budget for the video’s production and marketing

2. Make Sure the Video Quality is Awesome

A poor walkthrough video will never work. In fact, it will have adverse effects on your potential clients. Why? Because buyers will think negatively of your property when they don’t like what’s shown in the video. It’s best to hire a professional real estate walkthrough video service provider if you don’t have good equipment or the right skills. 

3. Promote It Everywhere

Your real estate walkthrough videos (no matter how exceptional they are) will not boost sales unless you promote them effectively. Use them on your website for more traffic and post them on social media for more followers. Don’t forget to include lead capture forms in the video to acquire leads from your viewers. You can also email them to the people who’ve shown interest in buying the property. 

Final Words

Producing a real estate walkthrough video is not as easy as it sounds. You need to have the proper equipment to shoot a high-definition video. Plus, you have to make your clients understand how the property fits into the building and the neighborhood as a whole. If you need help with the production and marketing of real estate walkthrough videos, contact Studio52 – Media Production Company (a professional real estate walkthrough video service provider based in UAE).


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How to Use Real Estate walkthrough Video Marketing to Sell More Property?

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