Choosing the Right Voice and Music for Your Telephone Hold Message

04 April , 2024 by Rashida Saeed
Choosing the Right Voice and Music for Your Telephone Hold Message

In today’s fast-paced business world, every interaction with your customers matters. From the moment they dial your number, their experience can make or break their perception of your brand. One often-overlooked aspect of this experience is the telephone hold message.

When a customer is placed on hold, the right voice and music can significantly impact their perception of your business. It’s not just about keeping them entertained, but about creating a professional and positive atmosphere that reflects your brand identity.

In this article, we delve into the importance of selecting the right voice and music for your telephone hold message. We explore how these elements can enhance the caller experience and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Influence of Music and Voice Changes Caller Perception

When it comes to telephone hold messages, the influence of music and voice cannot be overstated. These elements serve as the first point of contact for callers and can significantly shape their perception of your brand and message.

  • Setting the Tone

The choice of music sets the tone for the caller’s experience. Whether it’s calming and soothing melodies or upbeat and energetic tunes, the music you select should align with your brand’s personality and values. A luxury brand could opt for classical music to convey sophistication, while a tech startup might choose modern and dynamic beats to reflect energy and innovation.

  • Creating Emotional Connection

Music has the power to evoke emotions and create a connection with your callers. By selecting the right music genre and tempo, you can resonate with your target audience and enhance their overall experience. A study conducted by the Journal of Applied Social Psychology found that callers perceive shorter wait times when listening to music they enjoy, highlighting the importance of choosing music that resonates with your audience.

  • Voice Over Impact

Just like music, the voice-over artist plays a crucial role in shaping caller perception. The tone, pace, and accent of the voice can convey professionalism, friendliness, and trustworthiness. It’s essential to select a voice that reflects your brand’s personality and resonates with your target audience. Whether it’s a warm and inviting voice or a confident and authoritative one, the voice-over should align with your brand’s image and values.

  • Consistency and Brand Identity

Consistency is key when it comes to telephone hold messages. The music and voice-over should be consistent with your brand identity across all communication channels. This helps reinforce brand recognition and builds trust with your callers. By maintaining a cohesive brand voice and style, you can create a seamless and memorable caller experience.

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Factors to Consider While Choosing Voice Talent

Selecting the right voice talent for your telephone hold message is crucial to effectively convey your brand message and create a positive caller experience. Here are some key factors to consider when choosing voice talent.

  • Tone

The tone of the voice should align with your brand’s personality and the message you want to convey. Whether you’re aiming for a friendly, authoritative, or conversational tone, ensure that the voice talent can deliver it convincingly. Consider the emotions you want to evoke in your callers and choose a voice that can effectively convey those feelings.

  • Accent

Depending on your target audience and geographic location, the accent of the voice artist can play a significant role in how callers perceive your brand. If your business serves a diverse clientele or operates in multiple regions, consider selecting a voice talent with a local accent that is easily understood by all callers. 

  • Professionalism

Professionalism is paramount when it comes to telephone hold messages. The voice talent should exhibit clear diction, proper pronunciation, and impeccable delivery. Professional voice talent can instil confidence in your callers and reflect positively on your brand’s reputation.

  • Experience and Expertise 

Look for voice talents with experience in recording telephone hold messages or similar voice-over work. Experienced voice talents understand the nuances of pacing, intonation, and timing required for effective communication in this medium. They can also offer valuable insights and suggestions to enhance your message.

  • Compatibility with Brand Image

The voice talent you choose should be compatible with your brand image and values. Consider factors such as gender, age, and vocal style to ensure alignment with your brand’s identity. For example, a youthful and energetic voice may be suitable for a trendy startup, while a mature and authoritative voice may be more fitting for a corporate brand.

  • Sample Auditions

Before making a final decision, request sample auditions from potential voice talents. This allows you to assess their suitability for your project and ensure they can deliver the desired tone and style. Pay attention to factors such as clarity, warmth, and professionalism in their recordings.

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Matching Music to Your Brand Identity

Just as your brand has its own unique identity and values, the music you choose should align seamlessly with these aspects to reinforce brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on your callers.

  • Reflecting Brand Personality

Your brand has its distinct personality, whether it’s sophisticated and upscale or friendly and approachable. The music you select should mirror this personality to create a cohesive brand image.

  • Eliciting Emotions 

Music has the power to evoke emotions and create a connection with your audience. By choosing music that resonates with your brand’s values and resonates with your target demographic, you can elicit the desired emotional response from your callers. Whether it’s a sense of calm and relaxation or excitement and anticipation, the right music can set the tone for a positive caller experience.

  • Enhancing Brand Recognition

Consistency is key when it comes to reinforcing brand recognition. By using the same music across all your communication channels, including telephone hold messages, you can create a cohesive brand identity that is instantly recognizable to your callers. This helps strengthen brand recall and builds trust and familiarity with your audience over time.

The goal of matching music to your brand identity is to create a memorable caller experience that leaves a positive impression. When callers are placed on hold, the music they hear should reinforce the image and values of your brand, enhancing their overall perception and satisfaction with your company.

Customise Voice Experience According to User Base 

When crafting your telephone hold message, it’s essential to consider the diverse preferences and demographics of your customer base. By customising your voice and music choices to align with the unique characteristics of your audience, you can create a more engaging and personalised caller experience. 

  • Understand Your Audience

Start by gaining insights into the demographics, preferences, and behaviours of your customer base. Are they predominantly young and tech-savvy, or do they belong to an older demographic? Are they located in a specific region or have cultural preferences that influence their tastes? Understanding these factors will help you tailor your voice and music choices accordingly.

  • Voice Over Selection 

Choose voice-over artists whose tone, accent, and style resonate with your target audience. If your customer base includes diverse cultural backgrounds, consider using voice talents with neutral accents or multilingual capabilities to ensure inclusivity. For example, if you cater to a younger audience, you might opt for a voice that is upbeat, energetic, and relatable, while a more mature audience might respond better to a voice that exudes professionalism and authority.

  • Music Selection

Similarly, customise your choice of music to appeal to the preferences of your customer base. Consider factors such as genre, tempo, and mood to create a musical backdrop that resonates with your audience. If your customers are fans of contemporary pop music, incorporating popular tracks or modern beats into your telephone hold message can help create a sense of familiarity and connection. On the other hand, if your audience prefers a more classical or jazz-oriented ambience, selecting instrumental or ambient music may be more appropriate.

  • Cultural Sensitivity

Be mindful of cultural sensitivities and preferences when selecting voice and music options. What may be perceived as soothing and pleasant in one culture could be interpreted differently in another. Take into account cultural norms, traditions, and sensitivities to ensure that your telephone hold message is well-received by all segments of your audience.

Gather feedback from your customers to gauge their response to your customised voice and music choices. Monitor metrics such as caller satisfaction ratings and feedback surveys to identify areas for improvement and refinement. Continuously iterate and adapt your voice and music selections based on customer feedback to ensure that your telephone hold message remains relevant and engaging over time.

How to Integrate Voice, Music, and Script Seamlessly to Create Engagement

  • Align Voice and Music with Script

Start by ensuring that your voice-over artist, music selection, and script are all aligned in tone, mood, and messaging. The voice should complement the script, conveying its message with clarity and emotion, while the music serves as a backdrop that enhances the overall atmosphere. For example, if your script conveys a warm and welcoming message, choose a voice with a friendly tone and select music that evokes a sense of comfort and positivity.

  • Use Music as Transitions

Integrate music strategically throughout the hold message to serve as transitions between different sections of the script. This helps maintain continuity and prevents the message from feeling disjointed or monotonous. Consider using shorter musical interludes between announcements or switching to a different music track to signify a change in topic or message.

  • Incorporate Script Variations

Keep the script dynamic and engaging by incorporating variations in tone, pacing, and content. Avoid repetitive or monotonous language that may cause callers to lose interest. Instead, use a mix of informative messages, promotional offers, and engaging anecdotes to keep callers entertained and informed while on hold.

  • Utilise Voice Modulation 

Encourage your voice-over artist to utilise voice modulation techniques to convey emotion and captivate the audience. Varying the pitch, volume, and pacing of the voice can help maintain listener interest and draw attention to key points in the script. For example, using a softer tone for empathetic messages or a more energetic delivery for promotional announcements can help keep callers engaged throughout the hold duration. 

  • Test and Iterate

Test different combinations of voice, music, and script to gauge their effectiveness in engaging callers. Solicit feedback from customers and analyse metrics such as hold time duration and caller satisfaction ratings to identify areas for improvement. Continuously iterate and refine your approach based on feedback to optimise engagement and enhance the overall caller experience.

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Selecting the right voice, music, and script for your telephone hold message is crucial for creating a positive caller experience and reinforcing your brand identity. By aligning these elements with your brand’s personality and values, you can enhance customer satisfaction, build brand recognition, and leave a lasting impression on your callers.

At Studio 52, we understand the importance of making thoughtful choices for your telephone hold message. With our expertise in voice-over services, extensive music library, and customizable scripts, we can help you create a tailored and engaging message that resonates with your audience.

Let us help you elevate your caller experience and strengthen your brand perception. Choose Studio 52 for all your telephone hold message needs, and ensure that every moment your callers spend on hold reflects the excellence they can expect from your business.


How do you write a good on-hold message?

Write clear and concise messages that reflect your brand’s personality. Focus on providing useful information, promoting your products/services, and engaging callers while they wait.

How do I choose to hold music?

Consider your brand’s image and target audience. Select music that aligns with your brand identity and evokes the desired emotions. Ensure the music is pleasant, non-intrusive, and loopable for longer hold times.

How do you make a hold message?

Start by crafting a script with informative and engaging content. Choose a suitable voice-over artist to narrate the script professionally. Then, select background music that complements the message. Finally, mix all elements to create a seamless hold message experience.


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Choosing the Right Voice and Music for Your Telephone Hold Message

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