5 Ways Corporate Videos Help Improve Your Business Brand Value

21 May , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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Did you know

  • A video on your landing page makes it 80% more likely to convert your web traffic to clients?
  • Chance of a video being shared on Facebook is 7 times more than that of a link?
  • Marketers using videos boost their revenue 49% faster than their counterparts not using videos?

These are just some of the reasons why more and more businesses are hiring corporate video production companies to get bespoke videos shot, which fit their needs. Wondering why this matters to you? These five benefits that commercial video production brings your way could help you decide.

  1. Make your brand recognizable by creating a strong emotional connect: Most purchasing decisions are triggered by customers’ emotional reaction to brands. It’s human instinct to feel drawn to businesses that are aligned with an individual’s values and aspirations, or makes him/her feel better. By combining audio and visuals, business video production services can help simulate real life experiences. This in turn would help forge strong emotional ties with customers by using powerful imagery that help bring a brand to life and stay in the memory for long.branding
  2. Improve your search engine rankings: If your branding videos tell interesting and useful stories, which are documented thoroughly and have description and tags, they can be found easily by online surfers. This in turn would boost your search engine rankings. And the best part? Since entertaining and useful videos are shared the most across social media, people sharing your videos would be doing free marketing of your products/services.search engine ranking
  3. Make your brand robust internally: Brand value has a lot to do with creating a positive company culture, and training employees to act as your business ambassadors or advocates. With bespoke commercial video production services, you can train your employees to help them understand your brand values and feel connected to the business. This would encourage them to take pride in their work and praise the business, thus doing some good, old word-of-the-mouth publicity for your brand and business.brand
  4. Bring in the engaging yet fun element that grabs eyeballs and attention: Most branding videos are often too bland, boring, serious, ill-planned or simply something that put viewers to sleep. Instead of focusing too much on sales or hypes, you can add some fun elements that remind people your company is driven by humans, not robots. Instead of creating videos that talk about a lot of bland data, you could ask your commercial video production company to shoot “our employees at work” or “recognition for our in-house talents” that are both fun and engaging.branding video
  5. Leverage the mobile-savvy clientele: With a growing number of smartphone and smart device users, watching videos online has become one of the most popular internet activities across the globe. By hiring one of the reliable corporate video production companies, you can ensure you give this steadily growing mobile-savvy population something great to feat their eyes on. But that’s not all! If your videos are meaty enough with a strategic call to action, you may even convert some of these causal viewers into your customers. And that’s a win-win for sure! corporate video productionCorporate Video in Dubai


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5 Ways Corporate Videos Help Improve Your Business Brand Value

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