5 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Must Use IVR

01 May , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
IVR for healthcare

Healthcare is a restlessly growing industry. It thrives with continuous innovations in equipment and technologies deployed in patient care. These innovations equip healthcare institutions to provide high quality services and treatment. One such emerging technology which has contributed greatly in the growth of the sector and improving quality of services is IVR.

What is IVR?

IVR is an inbound call management system that interacts with callers by gathering information from them via keypad or voice input, processing it, and responding results. Its primary functions consist of providing required information, solving queries, guiding callers throughout the call and routing calls.

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You may have installed auto attendant in your healthcare setting, but IVR is different from auto attendant. Auto attendant only helps in routing calls, whereas IVR can help in performing a range of intelligent functions without human interaction; from appointment scheduling to prescription refills and many more.

IVR makes up for 27% of all calls in a call centre. In other words it means that 27% of all calls are self-managed. This adds tremendously to productivity. Here are more benefits of using IVR in your healthcare facility.

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1) Smooth functioning:

IVR helps automating a range of functions such as prescription refills, providing patient account records or health care resource information, automated pre-admissions, appointment scheduling, follow up visits, providing lab results and many more.

2) Reduced waiting time:

As a large volume of calls are self-managed, thanks to IVR, administrative staff is freed up to attend critical calls which require their personal attention without any delay.

3) Flexible call routing:

IVR is effective in flexible call routing to concerned department, which increases business agility and makes workforce easily accessible. IVR also enables calls to be routed across multiple geographic locations.

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4) Information retrieval:

Information stored by various internal departments can be integrated with IVR system for quick and efficient data retrieval. When the back office is integrated, patients can get information without having to interact with concerned personnel.

5) Increases productivity:

IVR helps in minimizing call drops, answering calls quickly round the clock, and reducing call queues. Also, information provided by IVR is highly accurate and reliable. This increases patient satisfaction and improves overall productivity of operations.

Whether it’s a hospital, clinic, laboratory or blood bank, any healthcare setting can benefit from IVR. Studio 52 is specialized in producing customized-to-need IVR for diverse healthcare facilities. Our experience and know-how helps us in better understanding needs of different clients. If you are looking for IVR production in Dubai or UAE, we can help you. You can call us on +971-4-454-1054 or visit our website Studio52

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5 Reasons Healthcare Facilities Must Use IVR

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