Audio Voiceover in Arabic and other foreign languages

16 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Audio Voiceover in Arabic and other foreign languages

The Arabic language is the fifth most spoken language spoken by more than 310 million people in the world. Muslims around the globe, as well as followers of the Islam religion, understand this language. Not only that, Arabic is the official language of 22 countries and is the official language of the Middle East and Northern Africa. Finally, it is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

So we can see that marketing messages in Arabic helps transcend the borders of geographies and helps ambitious organisations looking to penetrate newer markets find new audiences for their products and services.

It is thus no wonder that voiceover services in the Arabic language are much in demand, and quality nuances in voiceover deliveries are keenly studied and then used by businesses to further their international/local marketing interests.

Voiceover Nuances in the Arabic Language 

The Semitic language Arabic has close to 30 different regional dialects spoken across geographies in other territories. Egyptian, Sudanese, Mesopotamian, Levantine, Arabian Peninsula and Maghrebi are the different varieties of the Arabic language.  Arabic is a macro language as it has so many dialects. 

The official dialect of all Arabic-speaking countries is the modern standard Arabic used in education, science, politics, and media.

Arabic voice over has some sounds that don’t exist in other languages. For example, the sound “h” is tough to pronounce for non-native speakers of the language. It is not a tonal language—spoken and written words in Arabic sound in the same way.

The spoken tempo of the Arabic language is dependent on the context. So if one is recording for an e-book in Arabic, the rhythm will be much slower than everyday speech.

It is thus essential to keep in mind the relevant audience of an Arabic voiceover message.

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Studio52 and  Voiceover Services in UAE

Studio 52 is a giant when it comes to quality voiceover services in the UAE and MENA region. Studio 52 is for discerning businesses and value associations over a long period. Our voiceover services are crafted by the best professional and trained talent and often define businesses’ identity. It also means that companies are guaranteed to get broadcast-quality voiceover services in Arabic and a host of other global languages like Spanish, English, Russian, Serbian, and English.

The nuances of our voiceovers define your brand and create a lasting impression on your audience.

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Audio Voiceover in Arabic and other foreign languages

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