5 tips to improve your video marketing ROI

29 July , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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The increasing demand for video content made us decide to share a few tips with you. You should know the benefits of video content for business by now. You probably watched a video about them. In this article, we’re going a little deeper. The high demand for video content isn’t really a secret. That means the competition will be pretty harsh. You can’t expect any video to increase your ROI. Sure, every video might have the potential to “go viral” However, that’s not really a smart bet. 

A great video will improve your reach and conversion rates. The problem is, how to know what makes a great video? The video content industry is changing constantly, the only way to stay ahead is to keep up with the trends. Below, we’ll let you know how to leverage the latest trends in video marketing

Tell a story

We’ve covered the importance of telling a story with your video content before. It’s so important we decided to mention it here as well. The right story could improve your ROI over ten times. People love it!

Start Strong

Your gut might tell you to keep a card under your sleeve. Punching in the right time and all that. Well, if that’s the case your gut is wrong. Most people only watch the first 10 seconds of a video before bouncing off. It’s better to punch first and punch hard. Otherwise, that game-changing card will have trouble leaving your sleeve.

Comedy is a powerful tool

Sure, your business is serious. You should still consider using comedy on your marketing. The essence of content marketing is presenting value for your customers and expose them to your brand once they’re consuming. More value will make that exposure more effective. Plus, laughter will make your audience more receptive. Long story short, costumers appreciate a laugh. 

Think about distribution

Video content distribution is another important point we’ve covered before. Just uploading a video and hitting publish is not enough. You need a full strategy in place to make sure you get all you can out of each video. When releasing a new video you need to work on the tags, sharing the link on your channels, use social bookmarking, you should even think about paying for promotion. Everything you can do will improve the chances of success. 

Optimize for mobile

Mobile devices are taking over the internet. More than 90% of Facebook users access the platform using the mobile app. There’s also a big chunk of those that access the platform exclusively using their mobile device. Ignoring mobile devices is no longer an option.

There are a few tips you can use to enhance your mobile reach. Your videos need captions. A lot of mobile users mute their audio, you can no longer rely on voiceovers and soundtracks. Make some of your videos vertical. Youtube finally supports them, you can watch vertical videos full screen with an upright device. Also, consider posting the videos from your mobile device. That will give the different platforms a good reason to believe that content will work well on mobile devices.

We hope these tips help you improve your video marketing campaign. Keep in mind that each case is unique. You need to find what works best for your brand. Now, if you’re not sure how to go about producing a great video you can count on us.

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5 tips to improve your video marketing ROI

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