How to expand your reach with video content

17 March , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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Video content is aggressively taking over the internet. In some countries like Saudi Arabia, 95% of internet users watch video content.

64% of the watch online videos every day. There’s no need to talk about the benefits of extra reach, exposure is always good. In this article, we’ll go over how to achieve that extra reach.

There are many different strategies you can use to get more eyes on your video content, you should do as many as your budget allows. Consider that you’ll be competing with a huge number of publishers, every bit of authority counts. It’s not easy to set your content apart from all that competition, but the reward of doing so can be even greater.

Be where your audience likes their content

Do a little research and upload your videos to the site preferred by your audience. This will most likely be YouTube or Vimeo, but you might be surprised. Then it’s important to become part of the community. Make comments and share other videos you like, others will return the favor. Just uploading the video is not enough, without any initial likes, comments, and shares from your close community they won’t get authority and reach the rest of your audience.

Don’t be shy with descriptions and tags

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These are the core tools video publishing sites use to match your content with your audience. You should use an explicit description of the video, an engaging headline, and as many related tags as you can think of. You can research new tags on different blogs and platforms.

Try to think like your audience when choosing your tags. It’s not always straightforward, think about the needs your content is solving or the value it will give to its viewers. It always helps to check keyword planners to learn which keywords are being used the most.

Post an article about your video

You can embed your video into an article and post it on your blog. This will make it available to your usual readers and it will improve its SEO ranking. Search is the strongest source of traffic, you want to leverage it as much as possible. Again be explicit with your description of the video, you don’t want to miss any keywords people might be searching for.

Social media sharing and bookmarkingsocial media sharing

Sharing a link to your video on your different social channels like Facebook or Twitter will get you more reach. It will also give more authority to the video on the publishing site’s search engines. You should also bookmark them on sites like Reddit and Trendee, just follow the self promotion rules very carefully, bookmarking sites are heavily moderated. Another trick is to use your video as a header for your Facebook page, all your visitors will see them automatically.

Another good trick for social distribution is, after waiting a while, publishing your video or a preview straight to the social media channels. Videos have a longer lifetime than social posts, so you’ll get more reach. Now, you won’t get extra authority on your original video, but the extra exposure is always welcome.

Share your videos with your email list

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As mentioned above, the first thing you need to do in order to get extra reach is kick starting your content with likes and shares from your close community. Your email subscribers are a great place to do just that. Plus they’ll appreciate some variety on the content getting to their inboxes.

Promote your videos

Paid promotion is a great way to spark the reach of your videos, especially when distributing promotional videos aimed to conversion instead of social reach. Remember that you’re competing with a huge number of publishers. Allocating some of your budget to promotion will help you stand apart.


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