Thinking of Safety Training Videos? Learn who can benefit from it and how?

16 March , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
Safety Training Videos

In 21st century, thanks to increased information and knowledge sharing, awareness towards occupational health and safety standards has acquired new proportions of significance. It is desirable for both employers and employees to evolve a culture where best occupational health and safety standards are practiced.

While, emphasis on creating and nurturing safe workplace environment has increased, organizations are also changing in the way they provide safety training to their employees. Conventional training methods are being replaced by safety and training videos. And why not? Safety training videos are more effective than conventional training methods.

Especially, among oil & gas, construction, and real estate industries, safety videos production 2017 is the new buzz word and also, construction video services 2017 is highly trending. There are a range of subjects on which safety and training videos can successfully educate workforce in these industries, such as; working in confined spaces, wearing and carrying right equipment, detecting gas leakages, handling flammable and toxic gases or liquids or materials, emergency response measures, evacuation, falling from heights, first aid, following instructions and more.

safety training videos

You might think that employees are already being trained on these subjects. True, but what trainers cannot achieve, safety training videos can.

By providing safety training through videos:

  • Uniformity of communication can be maintained
  • Message can be conveyed with greater conviction through power of visuals
  • Cost involved in organizing frequent training sessions is saved as same videos can be repeatedly used without extra cost
  • Time is saved, as videos offer greater convenience of communication

Whether you are looking for construction video production company or other safety videos production companies, Studio 52 can come to your help. Studio 52 has revolutionized safety communication for next generation by developing a new concept called Hard Hitting Videos.

safety videos

Safe work environment motivates employees to perform better which in turn improves productivity. Further, when employees feel that their organization is going extra mile to ensure their safety, it results in improved employer-employee relationship. So, leave no stones unturned to ensure safety of your employees.


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Thinking of Safety Training Videos? Learn who can benefit from it and how?

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