How To Keep People Safety Up With The Use Of Safety Videos?

10 April , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
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Safety at work has never been more important in the world of growing work-related accidents. Establishing a safety culture isn’t the easiest job to handle, especially when a lot of bottom-line workers sometime ignore it and don’t feel connected to it. 

Safety videos are the most effective and surefire way to boost workplace safety video needs! But although they are OSHA mandated, they still sometimes don’t work. And the reason is almost always obvious: 

They aren’t made for your specific workplace! 

Why would you want your own safety video instead of a premade one? Moreover, why your people are going to care? 

Why Does It All Matter?

Safety risks and hazards are persistent challenges in the construction industry. Workers often face trouble not because safety tools are lacking, but rather due to their failure to utilize them effectively. If you aim to maintain a focus on safety among your workforce, it is crucial to adopt a more impactful approach to safety training.

The consequences of accidents extend far beyond the loss of lives and injuries. They can result in business disruptions, increased operational costs, and legal consequences! 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) provides a framework that employers must enable to ensure the maximum safety of employees. OSHA mandates that workers should receive proper education to comply with these requirements.

By embracing a robust OSHA safety training video for workplaces, your workforce will obtain necessary skills to mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and create a safer working environment. Investing in comprehensive safety training not only safeguards your employees but also enhances your company’s reputation, efficiency, and overall success in the construction industry.

What Are Safety Videos?

Safety videos offer a virtual guide to the various standards and safety protocols implemented in your operations. While these videos may be a legal requirement, they serve a greater purpose of minimizing the risk of injuries and safeguarding the health and well-being of workers.

Unfortunately, many safety videos available are outdated, lackluster, and fail to engage the audience. To effectively convey the desired message to your workers, it is crucial to strike the right balance between informative content and an engaging presentation. As a reputable company, you want your safety videos to exude quality, professionalism, and maintain the attention of your audience without allowing boredom to set in.

How We Help You Keep The Safety Up

Well, you can play an outside video or an official instructional video made by a government organization and your workers may just shrug it off, thinking that it could never happen at their workplace and the fear just isn’t there. Sometimes the message won’t be appropriate for your workplace. 

Here at Studio52, we’ve been creating videos for construction safety training for plenty of clients from the UK, the Middle East, and the world. And today we want to touch on the importance of why you should make these videos with your own organization as the main star of the show, and how these videos enable you to keep your people safe better than any outsourced material can!

Discover Your Story

These safety videos help you discover your own angle and story. What works with other organizations, may not necessarily work with yours. With an in-house-made safety video, you get to choose the narrative, and style of your story so that your workers are easily going to relate to it!

Define Your Style

When creating your video with our team of professionals, you are the boss! Of course, your budget is going to play a huge part, but if you care to create a great story we will definitely ensure to create an awesome one! How?

We can create such a dialogue together that will be workplace-specific. What does that mean? Not only will your workers be presented with relevant information, but they will hear the kind of talk they use in the workplace! Think humor and not just information crunching. 

You can always include statements from the real staff at your organization. Ask them the kind of security questions they can ask without a script and provide it as a means to share with the audience watching. Your staff is going to relate to a colleague talking far better than to an actor. 

It’s always a good idea to include upper management in these videos. CEO talking and explaining a certain point will always be embraced with authority. If you don’t want to waste the CEO’s time, you can always use a teleprompter so you don’t have to do as many retakes. 

You can always use different camera angles so that your video isn’t stuck with a single scene shot. Moreover, your cameras can show different scenes, so get moving with some live video action — maybe a camera pan that moves with the walking person explaining all the different safety features? 

Liven It Up

Poor sound and light quality can always be an issue when wanting to convey the message to your staff. That’s why you want to make sure only the best sound and lighting equipment was used in the shoot. But here at Studio52, we can get you even more bang for the buck. 

You don’t have to always go with live actors — why not use some animation instead if you think that your audience is going to relate better to it? Maybe there’s an accident that you want them to visualize? You can definitely use some styled animation there. 

Care to make some extra content, or have a few extra lessons accessible for your workers on the website or company application? Not a problem, you can always direct your audience to find out more or remind themselves of lessons learned and we can help you with that. Even blooper videos can be a great thing to have! 

If your video isn’t only for inside use, you can always share it on social media and build your social score with future employees, or engage your current workforce to share their own statements and short videos. 


Now that you know the possibilities of shooting an inside video, you probably want to do it yourself! 

Well, you should always want a reliable service that can do it from start to finish! And be with you all the way. Here at Studio52, we’ve created plenty of such videos for satisfied clients in industries across the board!


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How To Keep People Safety Up With The Use Of Safety Videos?

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