2D or 3D? Choosing the Right Animation Production Service

15 September , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
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As the business world has expanded over the internet, the use of digital content has grown exponentially. Among commercially used content, animation comes amongst the most widely used strategy amongst business players. In business centers like UAE, where the competition has expanded beyond the national boundaries, animation production is extensively used for marketing and strategic purposes. 3d animation video production UAE is one of the top searches over the internet, depicting its effectiveness.

The animation is the new norm!

Just like any other technological intervention, animation has also undergone multiple phases of development. It has shifted from simple cartoons to a creative 3d animation. In the past 2d animation production, UAE was the top search, but today you can see an increasing demand for 3d animation. The effectiveness of both types is a reality. Choosing the right kind of animation at the right time is the key.

If you are new to this field, you must know the difference between them, so that decision making becomes easier. 2D animation gives you a basic and flat form of animation and gives an overall cartoonish outlook. You must have enjoyed the traditional 2D animation in shows like The Simpsons and Aladdin films. Being the basic one, 2d animation is the cheaper one. You can look for 2d animation production UAE while keeping in mind the basic framework of 2d animation.

3D animation was developed much later and provided a much realistic and more textured look as compared to 2d animation. You must have seen stunning 3D animation in the film Moana and Fortnite videogame.

What matters!

If you are still indecisive to choose some good 3d animation video production companykeep in mind the following decisive factors to make a more professional decision.

What’s your budget?

The budget is undoubtedly crucial to all factors. A 3D animation will require a bigger budget and greater time outlay, so before deciding between the two looks for your budget and then select about the benefits you will get with a particular type of animation.

What is the concept you want to deliver?

As a business entity, think about the vision your business follows. Now analyze that whether your image will be translated better with simple animations to give a substantive message or you need textured visual background.

What is the message you want to convey?

List down the points you want to convey to the audience and how critical the information you will send through the animation video.

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What is your target audience?

Your audience is the best judge. Choose the animation as per their demographics, personality characteristics, perceptions, and preferences. Try to evaluate their choices through a focus group analysis, which is usually performed by video agencies.

What is your marketing strategy?

Your marketing strategy is the bigger picture, and the animation’s choice is one aspect of this picture. Match both so that a unique and creative message is delivered.

Once you identify these main points of consideration, it is crucial to know the pros and cons of both animation types so that the final decision is accurate.

2d animation – your go-to solution

2d animation persists as the world’s oldest category of animation. Many viewers and gamers still prefer the cartoonish aspects portrayed by a 2d animation. As 2d animation does not imitate real life, so focusing on the storyline is easier for the viewers. For 2d lovers, the excitement of the action portrayed is much more important than the fine texture of animation. If you are looking for 2d animation production, UAE looks for pros and cons.

  • A low cost of production is the biggest benefit. 2d animation is cost-effective, so if you are on a limited budget, it so surely your go-to option.
  • It is quicker in Product time as it is produced faster, entailing a faster lead time. For those who look for prompt solutions, 2d animation is more suitable.
  • For 2d animation, less is more. The types of software and overall involvement of technology in 2d animation is lesser making it an easy to produce a product
  • The gameplay is the focus. The design usually lags, and the viewer can focus on the original content message.
  • There is a large Demand for 2d animation. There are a large customer segment and viewership for 2d animation.

Don’t choose 2d!

2D animation is older technology, so it may appear less interesting and less sought out. Despite its quick learning time, the production time may increase because of less advanced software. The 2d animation templates are usually no reusable, so you will spend more time in production if you have multiple projects.

3d animation – a new world of creativity

  • 3D animation can be used in multiple industries and sectors. Whether you need it for the medical, financial, pharmaceutical industry, or want it for non-profit industry 3d animation will work best.
  • If you are marketing a product or service, 3D animation will help you display merchandise in a much detailed way than a plain 2D image.
  • The quality and final texture of 3D animation are much more.
  • 3d animation can portray a realistic outlook and natural movement. It gives an overall sense of creativity.

3d animation will be a big no, but when?

Although everyone talks about its effectiveness and advance technology, you can never ignore its disadvantages:

  • A higher cost is the obvious limitation. Any service for which you apply 3d animation will carry a larger price tag in the market, which may avert the consumers from buying.
  • 3D animation is created through a computer program, limiting the horizon of possibilities, and restricting the imagination of its maker.

The same type of animation used in different circumstances can give varying results. If you are operating in competitions like UAE, it is necessary to keep yourself away from the trap of following the mob. There rise in demand for 3d animation video production company does not entail a guarantee for its effectiveness. Success comes with an informed decision, and we have tried to guide you to make a better decision.

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2D or 3D? Choosing the Right Animation Production Service

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