Make employees PPE experts with a training video

19 March , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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Having PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is critical for the safety of your employees. Knowing how to use them properly is just as important, perhaps more. You might consider hosting seminars on the subject for new employees, but the right training video will be just as effective and would cut costs, especially in the long run.

Let’s go over the kinds of PPE.  There are many different pieces of personal protective equipment, the specific pieces might vary according to your industry. They are grouped into eight types depending on their final goal.

Respiratory protection

Meant to protect the individual wearer from breathing hazardous substances, this kind of protective equipment includes breathing apparatus and respirators. It’s important to note that respiratory protection equipment should only be used in cases where there’s no chance of removing the source of the hazardous substances.

It’s crucial that your training video goes over the limitations of the specific type of respiratory protection equipment. Employees wearing it might get a false sense of security, accidentally putting themselves on harms ways. It should also remark maintenance of the equipment, especially when using disposable filters or cartridges.

Eye protection

This kind works protecting the eyesight of the wearer from intense light, hazardous substances, and impact. Including spectacles, goggles, and visors.

You should point out which types of eye protection are needed for each job. If your employee is at risk of chemical sprays or splashes, they should wear safety glasses. If the facial skin is also at risk they should go with visors or face shields, and so on.

Hearing protection

Primarily protecting wearers from sharp noises or vibrations. This kind of PEE includes ear muffs or plugs. In this case, you should cover the proper way to put them on.

Hand protection

Protecting the wearer from exposure to hazardous substances or tear from heavy lifting. Including gloves, and barrier creams. How to put them on is simple here, so focus on telling them when they should wear these. If your employees need barrier cream, it’s good to indicate the application guidelines in your training video.

Foot protection

The main goal of this kind of PPE is covering feet from impact, they can also protect from burns, hazardous spills, and slippery surfaces. Including shoes and boots. Again how to put boots on it’s straight forward. However, employees tend to avoid wearing them, safety boots are not made for comfort. Use your training video to remind them why they should, foot injuries are among the most common.

Head protection

Their main goal is protecting the wearer from impact, they should also be used to protect from sun exposure if needed. Including helmets, caps, and hats.  The reasons to wear a helmet are clear, still, you should go over how to wear them properly. Your employees might have a harder time understanding why should they wear a hat. Explain the consequences of sun exposure.

Working from heights

This kind of equipment focuses on preventing falls. It includes harnesses and arrest devices. Naturally, you’ll want to cover how to put them on properly. You should also cover the limitations, and how to behave after a fall stopped by the equipment.

Skin protection

This kind of PEE works to protect the skin against sunburns. Including hats, sunburn cream and long-sleeved clothes. A second chance to go over sun exposure. If you’re employees it’s really important that your video explains it’s repercussions and how to avoid them.

Your video needs to be clear, the message should be the first priority. It also needs to be memorable and engaging. People’s attention, especially millennial, is more selective every day. You don’t want them to forget this.

Another option is delegating the development of your video to experienced professionals. We’ll make sure your video hits the mark, get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation.
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Make employees PPE experts with a training video

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