Safety and Training Video Production That Delivers Big Results

04 October , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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Employees and employers need to have a clear understanding of safety training requirements. Companies not only need to have safety standards in place but also need to communicate the same to its employees. There are many workplaces in the Middle East that engage in potentially dangerous activities, and safety at the workplace must be the top priority for such companies to prevent occupational hazards. Clear information and up-to-date safety training is their need of the hour. However, imparting such training becomes challenging when people are working at varying locations and in large numbers.

Are you looking for an effective way to communicate safety at workplace guidelines to your employees? Well, safety training videos are the best way to communicate to your employees on how to follow safety regulations and the repercussions of not following the same. In today’s digital age, the field of safety training has also undergone a sea change. A professional safety and training video production can make things easier and safer for your employees and your company. These professional videos can effectively and efficiently deliver your safety training message to your employees in the most effective way resulting in occupational safety.

Safety and training video production can cover the following areas:

  • Heavy lifting and manual handling
  • Site-specific processes
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire procedures, evacuation and training
  • Motivational video training
  • and more

Such type of video training is being effectively used all across the Middle East in different industries like mining, construction, oil and gas extraction industry and even manufacturing industry apart from others. Safety videos are also required in schools, hospitals, hotels and other workplaces. However, the effectiveness of safety video training is largely dependent on the quality of safety training videos and animated safety videos both in terms of content and video production.

How studio52 Assists in Occupational Safety Training

    • At studio52, we are a well-known name in video production be it commercial videos or safety training videos. We know our job well and have consistently provided engaging and effective workplace training videos to our esteemed clients. We will educate and train your employees with effective and hi-tech safety training videos!
    • Our safety video production can help you train your employees on various safety tasks and procedures. We combine visual and audio simulation to make videos more interesting and engaging to employees. Our animated safety videos will help attract the attention of the individuals in such a way that they also retain the information that is contained in the videos.
    • Our team of experts has extensive video production experience and will work closely with you to understand the exact training needs of your company. Using video footage, still photos and other audio-visual components, we will communicate the relevant message to your employees successfully.
    • With extensive planning at every stage of the video production, we ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of all the video content that is being produced. We have an expert team of scriptwriters, character animators, storyboard artists, stuntmen, video editors, training designers, location crews, and motion graphic experts.

At Studio 52, we design safety training videos that take your safety message out to the remotest of sites beyond the training rooms. We guarantee our safety videos will ensure safety at the workplace by decreasing safety rules violations and increasing compliance with safety rules. Take your safety training to the next level with Studio 52 video training production. Contact us today!


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Safety and Training Video Production That Delivers Big Results

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