Benefits of Audio Marketing Techniques for Business growth

09 February , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
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In spite of the tremendous appeal, video production isn’t the only medium obtaining significant attention this year; major brand names are also finding creative methods to work audio right into their marketing mix. Like video, audio production isn’t really by any means brand-new. Podcasts, for instance, have been around for a long time.

Here we throw light on 3 major aspects of audio marketing, which big brands can incorporate into their general marketing technique.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Recording

IVR enables online agents to have ample time to take care of intricate interactions. By utilising IVR, your company will undoubtedly be able to improve customer service experience while likewise lowering the on hold times. This will enhance the credibility and also trustworthiness of your business.

IVR systems are further useful in handling high volumes of phone calls, at immense reduced rates. Using IVR allows callers’ inquiries to be dealt without an online representative. If the callers do not get any proper insights into the details they need, the calls might be transferred to a real-time agent.

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Telephone Hold Messages

On-hold telephone message is a straight and dynamic way of communication between you and your clients. Hundreds of organisations from different sectors use on-hold messages. Similar to all types of marketing, On Hold Messages helps you with direct return on Investment (ROI). It is highly efficient in reducing lost phone calls and proactively promoting your services and products to your most popular leads – callers on the phone, who already know and like you. This marketing technique is the best way to have a complete control as well as an opportunity to interact with the customers, one to one.

Radio Commercials

Research reveals that radio advertisements develop emotional responses in audiences. Customers then visualize the ads more personally, which could bring about increased market recognition and sales for companies running advertisement timetables. When they listen to their preferred station, twenty-five percent of listeners claim they’re more interested in an item or service.

More than eight out of ten individuals, feel paying attention to commercials for complimentary radio is a “reasonable bargain”. Also, radio advertising and marketing usually offer the advantage of being affordable and even local in contrast with other mediums, such as TV. Hence, radio marketing can be a reliable and an accessible tool for an organisation to achieve their target consumers.

Final Thoughts Brief conclusion

The terms audio marketing, voice marketing and audio voice overs, all describe the technique of creating audio content, typically through radio shows, podcasts or smart home assistant abilities. Major brands like Microsoft, as well as Apple, go a step further by bringing voice-activated assistants right into their day-to-day lives (Siri as well as Cortana). Incorporate these three major audio marketing techniques with Studio52, to see a steady growth in your company.


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Benefits of Audio Marketing Techniques for Business growth

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