How to Make an Event Highlight Video

13 December , 2022 by Rashida Saeed

If you wonder how to make an event highlight video you’ve come to the right place. At Studio52, we know how much labor, planning, and press promotion go into event organization.

As an event organization crew, you want everything to be perfect, and the same goes for promotion and marketing activities. Event highlight videos play an important part here and you’ll want to gain as much as you can from them. 

Highlight videos won’t only create that buzz for your event, but they can be used throughout the year to promote future events and pays dividends in the long run.

What Is an Event Highlight Video?

Just like movie trailers or teasers, event highlight videos show everything about your event in a concise manner! When it comes to event highlight videos, there are two main types you should know about: 

  1. Recap videos
  2. Teasers

Recaps are used in a post-event promotion, to share the views on the overall experience and key moments, while teasers are used to create hype and get people to roll in! Ideally, you’d want to use both for a successful string of events and to get people to talk about them. 

Why Should You Do Event Highlight Videos? 

Alongside promotional content, there is a lot that organizational teams have to do before the project kickoff. But highlight videos shouldn’t be a thing you’d want to skimp on. 

And for many a good reason! 

Highlight Videos Achieve Engagement

Goes without saying, they show what people can expect from your event. And people prefer video over any written text. But not only that! Highlight videos are engaging — they are dynamic, prompt a higher conversion rate, and are fun to share. Especially if you use them as a competition to win the entry ticket.

They Show Care

There’s much going into recording, producing, and assembling a promotional video and the audience can recognize that! Here at Studio52, we know exactly how much goes into a quality event video, and it will reward you. 

And, by all means, if you’re on a tight budget, you can produce them yourself easily with all the editing tools available out there. 

They Have an Awesome ROI

Videos can be used and then reused in various ways and for various reasons. You can use the same video to entice the audience and showcase what to expect for the next event. You can use it when pitching the event to sponsors and when you’re on the search for guest talkers as well. Well over 90 percent of marketers say they’ve converted at least one new customer thanks to video!

Guess it killed the radio star! But what should your event highlight video contain? 

Let’s review some of the best practices.

Best Practices Of Event Highlight Videos

Aim For High-Quality Always

A good quality event highlight video lasts only for a minute to a minute and a half. This is the reason to choose only the best footage you have available. If you’ve videos with shaky footage or inaudible sound, this can destroy your rep and the entire event promotion. 

Good advice here is to get all of your team members to take pictures and videos, so you’ll have plenty to choose from in the production stage. Nice time-lapse footage of your event filling up with people is a brilliant 5 to 10 seconds intro into your video. And it can be done with a fixed camera.

Testimonials Of Real Attendees

Having testimonials from real people and attendees gives credibility to your entire project and the video material you’re sharing. Other people trust consumer reviews more than anything else. You should search for attendees by sharing reviews from others — highlight positive experiences! 

Ask your attendees to describe the key events and what they liked the most. This section is a must for any high-quality event highlight video.

Eye Catching Visuals

If you want to catch the viewer’s attention, you have around three seconds to do so. You should make the most out of this time by using visuals, animation, and graphics at the appropriate time. Adding this will help you to highlight key elements and info about your event.

Highlight Your Key Guests

You need to give credit where the credit is due. 

Don’t keep the most important people in the dark — speakers, vendors and all the big names supporting your event should make it to your video. Otherwise, you’re missing out on an opportunity to show how significant your event is and the impact it has.

People love to hear about brands, famous people, and things they can relate to and interact with by going to your event. A lot of your viewers will make a decision based on this segment in your event highlight video.

Get a Few Tunes In

Music is an integral part of any event highlight video. And you should take special care of selecting it — is your event a charity, a fair, or a corporate event? Each of these requires some sort of tune to accommodate the setting and the audience.

It’s usually to go with tunes that haven’t any distracting singing in the background, and you can always get away with creative commons stuff. Also, be sure to capture crisp sound from your speakers and testimonials, so the music can’t block out anything that’s being said.

Simple Script Goes A Long Way

Keep things straight, short, and simple! This goes especially for the script of your highlight video. Keep the highlighted info and text concise. 

Focus on showcasing benefits, rather than features. People always like to know what they’re going to receive rather than how you offer Starbucks on the premises. Add inspirational quotes that have been spoken at the event. Highlight a specially heated or active debate — debates can incite emotions unlike anything else, and people love to take part in them. 

Key Action Info

Your script shouldn’t go without these — key info and CTA’s. 

Include stuff like event duration, how many people are or were involved (we love being a part of a community), how many speakers were there, what are the sponsors of the event, the main attraction, etc. 

And last but not least…

People love to know what they should do next, so include a proper call to action! Have that link for signup or share right next to or below the video. 

Challenges Ahead Of You

Of course, event organization teams have a lot on their hands, and some cannot cope with the added pressure of creating a promotional video of any kind. Most of the time it’s because of a lack of time, or video creation skills. 

In that case, don’t miss out on having an event highlight video! Here at Studio52, we make great highlight videos using high-grade equipment and creative teams. 

So, check some of our previous work, and don’t hesitate to get in touch! 


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