Time-Lapse Construction videos for Business Growth

02 May , 2018 by Rashida Saeed
Time-Lapse Construction videos
Two years of construction work squeezed in a 2-minute video
Over a minute long video documenting progress of a building from start to finish

Sounds unbelievable? It isn’t, thanks to time-lapse videos.

From installing large sculptures to the evolution of a striking structure from the ground up, processes in the construction industry typically take weeks, months, or at times, even years. From keeping an eye on the process and progress, monitoring multiple sites to attending meetings with the internal team, clients and investors, the tasks at hands may seem a lot. But fret not for time lapse videos have come to your rescue.

How does it work?

Construction time lapse videos use stationary and mobile cameras (attached to drones) to take progress shots of your construction site. Next, these shots are digitally condensed into a few seconds or minutes to speed them up. Wondering what the real story is behind this? The technique used here is to capture frames at a rate much lower than what’s normally used to view a series of images. When you play them at normal speed, time seems to be moving faster, which in turn creates a lapsing effect.

From construction web cams and solar powered time lapse cameras to high definition drone cameras, a wide variety is used to create time lapse videos. With them, you can cover difficult-to-reach spaces like the scaffolding atop your construction, capture critical milestones and have customized shooting schedules. Wondering how can you actually do this? By blending visual and audio elements, time lapse construction cameras can act as an extremely effective storytelling vehicle that would facilitate documentation, monitoring and marketing of your construction project.

Why trust professionals for time lapse videos

Time is your most important asset in the construction business. If you want to use it consciously to produce breathtaking results, it would make sense to entrust the job to professionals. When a time lapse video production company handles the task, it can do it all based on your requirements. This could include instant time lapse videos to review jobsite progress in real time, or custom time lapse movies to meet specific demands (runtime, duration and presentation quality). You may even get them to design professionally edited and produced time lapse movies for documenting and showcasing completed projects.

How can you benefit from using time lapse video production services?

Still wondering why time lapse videos matter? Here’s the best part:

  • Keep your projects on track: No need of multiple site visits, or worry about cost overruns or a project going sideways because with time lapse videos, you can now track your project’s progress, equipment location and volume of materials (both in use and still available) along with getting an overall aerial view to know where it all stands.
  • Organize fruitful internal meetings: Instead of boring charts, flyers and spreadsheets, visualize the process and review the progress with construction time lapse videos.
  • Make presentations to impress: From clients and investors to other stakeholders, impress them all with interesting presentations that make events and progress occurring over time noticeable in a short period.
  • Use them in future: By archiving your time lapse videos, you can make your project’s documentation future-proof, which can be used later as a proof or reference for future projects.

So, showcase your construction ideas and projects in the best way possible with high quality professional time lapse video production services. If you have questions regarding how best to use time lapse videos for your business growth or need experts to show you the way, reach us and we’ll be happy to help.


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Time-Lapse Construction videos for Business Growth

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