Why brands should integrate videos in their business strategy?

With the onset of internet, marketing tactics of brands have drastically changed. The constantly evolving digital era has compelled more and more brands to incorporate video content in their business strategy. To top that, now there is smart phone revolution which has made videos ever more consumer-friendly. In fact, over half of video content is watched on mobile. Furthermore, mobile video consumption is expected to increase 11 times between 2016 and 2020. Due to popularity of video format, media production companies in Dubai are also on the rise. These trends are indicative that video production in 2017 is the need of the hour. Here are more reasons that have made promotional videos an integral part of branding strategy.

Highly effective

Whether you want to strike emotional chords of your target audience or want to charge them with a motivational message, whether you want to explain your products & services or want to provide training, video has been proven to be highly successful in yielding desired action.

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Lasting impact

Different mediums of information dissemination appeal to different parts of the human brain. Research shows that videos being a multi-media package involve more of the brain in learning process. That is why 80% of viewers are able to recall a video that they have seen in the past 30 days.

Increases interest

Videos have the power to make learning more engaging. Give your clients a brochure, and they will hardly read one or two pages and flip through it. But when you present your content in video format, it will keep your audience hooked for a longer time. Even research says that 65% of users watch more than ¾ of a video.

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Easy to share

Videos can be easily posted to various social media sites and can also be easily shared with the click of a button. According to a research, videos posted on social media sites generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined. This high potentiality of videos to be shared ensures that your message reaches to a wider audience at a minimum expense.

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Helps in SEO optimization

In today’s age of digitization, every entrepreneur wants their business websites to rank high in search engines in order to enhance convenience of users as well as to increase website traffic. Embedding a video to your website helps you in achieving this objective.

Video is the future

By 2019, videos will account for 80% of all Internet traffic. This is humongous. This is proof that video is here not just to stay but to rule the roost. Video is the future of communication and how businesses will do branding.

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There are many media production companies in Dubai. However, if you are planning to promote your business through videos you should select a promotional video production company that can meet your expectations. Studio-52 is a Dubai based audio-video production company having more than 4 decades of experience. We have on board of a team of specialists equipped with the knowledge of latest video production techniques. Whether you are looking for production of corporate video, product or service video, promotional video, training video, TV commercial or any other type of video, we can provide you end to end services. You can visit our website www.studio52.tv/ to see videos we have created for clients from a diverse spectrum of industries. So go ahead, grab the wonderful opportunities videos may offer your business.

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