What is the prudent choice these days to keep customers from hanging-up?

28 August , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
IVR Recording

Any company, regardless of size should always endeavor to achieve quality customer service. This ensures that you can retain the customers you have but also makes it easier to attract new customers through your reputation. A rising frustration for customers is poor communication, most notably frustrating phone call quality. It a good rule of thumb to make sure that any and every call that is being transferred, or waiting to be connected needs to be put on hold. While on hold, there needs to be something to signify that the call is still connected. This can be either a on-hold message, or music. Music is still a valid choice, but it can be difficult to find music that is suitable. Why not take this lull in the call to add an on-hold marketing message? This is a perfect way to further convey your message to the appropriate audience, but also helps alleviate any frustration on the customers part as they are not idly waiting, they are still receiving information.

In today’s age, it can be prudent to have your calls answered digitally. This is known as Interactive Voice Response or IVR. Having an interactive voice response system allows you to handle your calls effectively and drastically reduces any wait time for your customer. But an IVR system is only effective, if the voice quality is good. This means that the audio quality needs to be clear and crisp. All recordings need to have been recorded by quality artists, speaking in a polite and clearly pronounced manner. An IVR system should include an IVR voice mail. This makes sure that no customer leaves the phone call in complete frustration, there is no disconnect and no business is lost.

A prudent choice is to choose a company with a stellar reputation in IVR production. The leading choice has to be Studio 52. They specialize in IVR production in Dubai and the Middle East, but their skills can be utilized world-wide. They offer a completely professional service which is evident by what is on offer. Studio52 offers the greatest IVR system in Dubai and UAE. They are responsible for the complete IVR production for a variety of prestigious companies world-wide, including Etisalat, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, National Bank of Kuwait, Qatar National Bank and more. A prime reason they are such a popular choice as they offer a superb quality production with serious attention to detail, including ensuring consistency and sticking to the delivery schedule. Having the ability to go to one source for a complete IVR solution allows the process to be streamlined and consistent and allows the process to be monitored, thus allowing a completely bespoke service.

For all your IVR service needs, Studio52 is the perfect choice evidenced by their client list and their track record in all areas of audio services.


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What is the prudent choice these days to keep customers from hanging-up?

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