How to make an unforgettable safety video

06 March , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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There’s nothing more important than safety, it’s critical that your employees understand and remember your safety guidelines. It’s well known that one of the strongest tools to achieve this is an instructional video. It will bring better understanding, cut costs of safety seminars, and will eliminate the location dependency. You can read more about the benefits of safety videos here.

People are becoming more selective with their attention. So many stimuli going around, and normal brains can’t hold it all. Simply Psychology has a great article on the theory behind this, you don’t want your safety video to end up in the forgotten pile.

Now, it’s also important to remember that your message should still be the center of your video. The tools you use to make your safety video more engaging can’t overshadow the safety instructions you need to convey. This might sound complicated, a thin line to walk. The trick is making the video engaging in the right way. In this article, we’ll go over how to do that.

Use Dynamic takes

You can enter each scene with a dynamic take, this will make convey the start of a new lesson, it will make the scene smoother and more engaging. You want the dynamic takes to stop as the lesson begins though. Otherwise, the motion will demand more attention than the safety measure you’re displaying in the scene, the memory of the feeling will be stronger than the memory of the information.

A great way to accomplish this is by using a forklift camera. This piece of equipment will let you film takes with the perspective of the forklift, even as the forks go up and down.

Proper narration

You need to choose the right narrator for your video, the audio needs to be clear. Ideally, you’ll find a narrator with a native accent, this will make the message easier to understand by your employees and it will give a sense of familiarity.

The tricky part is that the narration needs to be specific without being too long. You must describe each safety measure and why it’s important in a simple and concise manner. It’s also recommended to mention the other place where you can get the information, they won’t remember everything the first time around, make it easier for them to go back and get the information again.

Overlaid text

Besides the narration, you can further remark the key points of your video with overlaid text. Multiple exposures will make them more memorable. Use only the key points, you don’t want to overcharge the video.

You need to be careful with the animation of the text. Static captions won’t be engaging but making them move too much will make them hard to read. Clear readability is the first priority.

Background music

Associating the information with music is a great way to help viewers remember. It’s recommended to use a relaxing tone and the volume should be low enough to not disturb the narration.

The easiest way to make your safety video unforgettable is letting professionals take care of it. We have the equipment, skills, and experience necessary to ensure the effectiveness of your safety video. Call now to schedule a free consultation.  

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How to make an unforgettable safety video

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