How to Prepare Yourself for the Next Travel Trade Show in the Post Pandemic Era

12 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
How to Prepare Yourself for the Next Travel Trade Show in the Post Pandemic Era

The year 2020 was the most difficult year for the travel industry due to the coronavirus pandemic. Last year the tourism industry lost an estimated $1.3 trillion in export revenue. While many steps are being taken in making safe international travel a possibility, tourism experts fear that there’s a long road to recovery. But, it doesn’t mean you should stop making all the efforts and wait for the pre-pandemic situation to return.

Travel trade shows like ATM or Arabian Travel Market can help you gain a competitive edge during the event with potential partners and customers. ATM is the leading global event for the Middle East inbound and outbound travel industry for the last 25 years.

Travel trade shows or events like these bring together high-quality tourism resources and supporting services from all over the world to form a fair and professional display platform. It provides your travel business with an opportunity to have a dialogue with buyers, governments, investors, and other industry insiders. With the increasing popularity of the international tourism market, such travel trade shows are a perfect platform for you to make your presence felt.

So, how do you take advantage of trade shows like these?

Exhibiting at a travel trade show is a major decision for any business. When you decide on attending any travel or hospitality-related event, you have to bear the financial cost and use a significant amount of the company’s resources and time in making sure that the event is a success. 

At any travel event you would not be exhibiting alone but alongside many competitors, which means you need to work hard to ensure that your presence doesn’t go unnoticed. Video offers an excellent way to engage your audience before, during, and after the show.

How can you create a buzz with the video?

There are plenty of ways to do that. You can send attendees a pre-show video to get them excited to see your company at the expo and provide the information they need to find you there. You can also create a pre-show video promoting the talks or sessions your company will be hosting at the conference.

During the trade show, you can use video as a pitch to show attendees why they should care about your business. You can also live-stream your talks and presentations to prospects on social media. We can also capture high-quality pictures of your event to increase the sharability and search visibility while giving your audience a visual connection to your event.

Once the trade show is over you can also use the videos to show the human side of your business, showcasing your products and the team behind them. You can repurpose this content on your website and on social media to promote your brand.

How We Can Help You?

In the past years, Studio52 has worked with many businesses in the hospitality industry to capture their event at the prestigious travel trade show ATM and others. With over four decades of experience, event video coverage has become our forte. 

Our experience includes managing audio board, camera, and microphones for broadcasting live stream feeds to your audience. We also provide multi-camera coverage so you can show multiple angles of presentations and panels. We can film interviews with VIPs and other guests, corporate marketing videos, company story videos, promo videos, or capture creative event photographs for future use. In short, we can provide you with quality assets that you can use to promote your brand for years.

We have helped over 400 companies turn trade shows to their advantage and we can do the same for you. Whether you are looking for a pre-event video, live streaming coverage, or event photographs, our team at Studio52 would love to work with you. Ready to get started on your next trade show video? Get in touch with us for more information.

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How to Prepare Yourself for the Next Travel Trade Show in the Post Pandemic Era

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