How To Find the Perfect Voiceover Artists for Your Next Project

06 November , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
voice over artist for next project

When creating a promotional video, voice campaign, or any audio project, selecting the right voiceover artist is vital, especially because the chosen individual will essentially embody the voice of your brand.

A skilled voiceover artist can elevate the emotional impact of your project and leave a lasting mark on your audience. Conversely, a mischoice can have a negative impact on your brand value. To ensure you find the perfect fit, consider these essential tips when hiring an ideal voiceover artist for your business.

The Setup

If you wish for the audio to match your brand and its tone, you should try to precisely define as many things as possible. Here are some of the things you should turn your attention to as a brand:

Define Your Script

Before you embark on your search for voice talent, make sure your script is complete and has a well-refined structure.

As you write the script, incorporate voice performance details. Include specific notes like “add a pause for a mysterious effect”, “emphasise certain words” or “use a sarcastic tone for this line and a cheerful customer service voice for that one”.

These subtle yet crucial notes on how lines should be delivered can make all the difference in obtaining an excellent voiceover that precisely conveys your intended message, as opposed to just settling for a good one.

Determine Extra Services

When considering talent for your voiceover, the voice actor’s experience is just one of several factors to take into account. The industries they’ve collaborated with, their specific vocal expertise, and the range of services they offer all contribute to the overall quality of the voiceover.

Let’s imagine you have to choose between two voice actors for an explainer video. One of them specialises in explainer videos, while the other does not. Although both can provide high-quality voiceovers, the specialized actor can suggest improvements in enunciation, wording, and voice style that will enhance your video. On the other hand, a non-specialized voice actor might be less likely to offer such valuable insights for your brand.

Imagine Your Perfect Match

Your brand’s voice profile comprises a unique set of traits and emotions that listeners associate with your brand. Clearly defining this voice profile is essential to find a voice artist who can consistently deliver voiceovers in the desired style.

To eliminate ambiguity, provide detailed descriptions for each emotion, trait, or characteristic you want your brand’s voice to embody. Offer concrete examples to support these attributes. For instance, if you aim for a British accent, a youthful tone, a sense of excitement, and an authentic feel, ensure your team reaches a consensus on significant details by hiring a voiceover actor.

When crafting your voice-over job description, blend the script requirements with additional services, such as audio editing, and align them with your brand’s voice profile to create a cohesive and impactful final product.

The Search

Now we’ll discuss the essence of voice-over — the artist! Here is a handy checklist you can follow while choosing your ideal voice-over artist – 

Listen to Samples

When evaluating voiceover artists, review their extensive collection of demos. Take the time to listen to several demos for each artist under consideration. This will enable you to gauge their range and versatility and assess how well their previous work aligns with your target audience.

Given the abundance of voiceover artists available, a good idea is to explore multiple options before making a decision. Making an informed choice is always advisable and can save you a lot of time and effort.

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Test With Your Market

After selecting a few preferred artists, conduct thorough testing to determine if they genuinely connect with your target demographic. For smaller, localised audiences, a few tests should provide sufficient insights. However, for nationwide campaigns and when you need to access large audiences, investing more time in the testing phase becomes crucial to ensure the best match.

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Ask For Availability

Before hiring a voice-over artist for ongoing work, you’ll need to verify their availability. If you plan to collaborate with them over an extended period, spanning months, a year, or even longer, it’s crucial to ensure they can commit to the required timeline. Avoid the disappointment of starting your project with a great voiceover artist only to discover later that they are unavailable to meet your ongoing needs. Asking about their availability upfront will help you make an informed decision and avoid potential future challenges.

Ask for Rates

Although price shouldn’t be the determining factor, a voiceover artist’s rates can provide valuable insights when choosing the right fit. Experienced professionals usually offer competitive rates that align with industry standards.

When requesting quotes, pay attention to cues indicating the artist’s industry knowledge. For instance, they might discuss buyout options, usage periods, and other variables that could influence the final price. This demonstrates their understanding of the industry and can further inform your decision-making process.

A Long-Term Mindset

When selecting your voiceover talent, adopt a long-term perspective instead of solely focusing on your current project. Consider how the chosen artist will integrate with your brand in the long run. Customers often develop an attachment to your brand’s voice, making it essential to choose someone whose values align with your brand and can represent you effectively well into the future. Prioritise finding a voiceover artist who can maintain a consistent and resonant connection with your audience over the long term.

Or Rely on a Complete Service

Sure, the right voice-over actor can establish a sense of familiarity and connection, leaving a lasting impression on your target market and ultimately elevating your brand’s success! But the search for a perfect artist can be an exhaustive experience. 

Instead, we recommend you to rely on seasoned pros to take over the process for you! 

At Studio 52, our professional voice-over artists excel in their craft — they possess state-of-the-art equipment and a diverse skill set, making them the perfect choice to bring your vision to life.

Connect with us to discuss your ideal voice-over to create a lasting impact and build strong connections with your target market!


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