Development: Backbone of a good video

10 July , 2016 by Rashida Saeed
video production

What in the world is video development?

Video production is easy to understand. You hear the words Lights. Camera.  Action! and then the magic of video production begins. But video development? It’s an alien term for the uninitiated.

Success starts in different stages.

A good video goes through different phases. It starts with development, then goes to pre-production, the actual production, before going to post-production, and finally, distribution.  If you are to start a video communication campaign, you have to give each stage the proper time and attention it needs, otherwise, the quality of your video will suffer.

Why is development so important?

The development stage asks a lot of whys – Why make a video? Why not just a billboard, or a newspaper ad? Why do I need to communicate with my audience in this manner and not in other ways?  Put it simply, the direction your whole production will take depends solely on the development stage. If you fail to develop an effective concept, all your efforts in the next stages will be worth nothing.

Why Studio52?

You ask why Studio52?

Studio 52 has continuously excelled since 1977. Quality is the name of the game for 4 decades, and surely, it will still be the same name in the next decades to come. Strategically located in Dubai, we cater to thousands of companies in major industries across the region. We know our craft, and we are confident we know how to do your requirement. We wouldn’t be here if we don’t.

Skills. Decades of experience. Creativity. Passion. Out-of-the-box. Excellence. That’s who we are.


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Development: Backbone of a good video

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