10 Best Construction TimeLapse Videos of 2022

12 January , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
10 Best Construction Time-Lapse Videos

With construction timelapse video advantages, you get to see your projects shown in the short catchy frame in accelerated motion! Here at Studio52, we use the best techniques and equipment to capture long-term duration construction processes and display them in a manner you can share with anyone included. 

Timelapse videos are one of the best tools for marketing and promotion. We have created world-class timelapse videos for many brands and construction projects. Our most notable clients include Expo 2020, Meraas, Damac, and many more! 

Today we want to share the best timelapse videos of the construction industry in 2022!

What To Look For in Construction TimeLapse Videos?

Construction timelapse videos have the unique power to catch attention and tell the whole story about your project in the shortest possible time. For this purpose, you’d want them to:

  • Grab attention
  • Have a high-quality production
  • Lay out all necessary information in an easy-to-digest way

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Without any further ado, let’s check out 10 great examples of construction timelapses from this year.

Blue Waters Construction TimeLapse


Blue Waters of Dubai is a vibrant lifestyle destination with top-tier residential, hospitality, and entertainment options. Home to Ain Dubai — the world’s largest observation wheel, the project was built from 2015 to 2018 and we were tasked to oversee the entire thing from start to finish. Here at Studio52, we delivered a top-quality timelapse video of the construction of this resort. 

The video is just short of a minute but shows years of laborious work to construct this haven. 

Etisalat Business Hub

Etisalat Business Hub in Dubai is the home of global growth & infinite business opportunities. It’s the largest telecommunication corporation in the GCC of Abu Dhabi. It serves over 300,000 small, medium and large enterprises in the UAE. 

We were tasked to monitor the entire interior construction and present this beautiful one-minute video! 


EXPOLINK Metro station is the largest metro station in Dubai! It is one of the most prestigious and advanced and modern systems of the railway. The Dubai metro offers a wide range of luxurious services including facilities, retail, trains, and other equipment. 

In this one-minute video, we’ve comprised two years of construction and presented it in a way our clients loved it! 

Sephora, Dubai

Sephora is a leader in prestigious retail. Their mission is to create an unparalleled beauty shopping experience for everyone and inspire communities. 

Sephora wanted us to monitor the construction of their Dubai store and create a timelapse video of the project! 

The result is a one-minute-long timelapse video done with precision.

Stadium 974, FIFA World Cup Qatar

Stadium 974 of Qatar is built with the idea of sustainability all around it — it is to be fully dismantled and repurposed after the football event. This stadium doesn’t need any air conditioning due to its design of natural ventilation. 

This beautiful timelapse video was created by MK Timelapse in collaboration with Eclick Multimedia Solutions.  

WHANGAREI Civic Center, Whangarei DC

Whangarei DC’s new civic building is designed as a fit-for-purpose building, providing a welcoming and easily accessible customer experience. This building is focused on sustainability and reflects the city’s cultural identity and heritage. The building is a hub for government-related activities, including democratic processes, customer services, administration, etc. 

This beautiful timelapse video of civic building construction is owned by Whangarei DC of New Zealand. 

New Frontiers Construction, Oklahoma State University

Oklahoma state university wanted to show a timelapse video of the construction of the southwest corner of their new New Frontiers construction site. 

This beautiful timelapse video captures the installation of the first-floor columns and concrete foundation being poured in August 2022.

Tweed Valley Hospital Development

The construction of the Tweed Valley Hospital buildings kicked off in January 2021. The building reached its full height in July 2022. 

This timelapse video shows the building grow in a beautiful and capturing way. 

Al Rayyan Stadium, FIFA World Cup Qatar

This stadium features a glowing facade, with patterns reminiscent of Qatar’s various aspects. The upper tier and seats are to be repurposed after the global football event. Many materials used for the installation of this stadium will be repurposed as art projects. 

This beautiful timelapse video was created by MK Timelapse in collaboration with their partner Eclick Multimedia Solutions.  

Al Thumama Stadium, FIFA World Cup Qatar

This stadium was inspired by a traditional cap worn by men and boys across the Middle East. This gahfiya cap is a fundamental layer of traditional clothing and is a symbol of dignity and independence. 

This beautiful timelapse video is a creation of MK timelapse and its partners. 

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Construction timelapse videos are one of the best marketing tools you can employ to reach a wider audience and share the story of your construction projects. They will increase your brand awareness and may even get a shoutout in an awesome post like this! 

Not every video is effective as the ones we listed above, so you’d want to hire professionals to do the job for you. Here at Studio52, we know how to set up our recording gear and create captivating short-timelapse videos that will be enjoyed by many!  

Feel free to contact us and let’s begin your construction timelapse video journey together! 


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