Best Places to Make TimeLapse Videos in the Middle East

05 November , 2020 by Rashida Saeed
Time-Lapse Videos

Videos are the most consumed type of content nowadays. There are many types, and among the most-watched, there’re timelapse videos. They’re one of the coolest and creative types of videos because they show you at high speed a process that takes a long amount of time. Within seconds you can check out the passage of a day, or maybe a plant growing, the activity of a city, you name it. There are a ton of possibilities when making timelapse videos. However, even though you want to make one, maybe you don’t know which the best places are. Don’t worry, because in this article we’re going to show you our favorite places to make timelapse video in the United Arab Emirates.

In Dubai: The Burj Khalifa

timelapse video production dubai


The Burk Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, so it wasn’t hard for us to pick this one as the first option. It is the most representative building in all of Dubai with its 828 meters surpassing Taipei’s Tower and New York’s Empire State. Along the Burj Khalifa, you’ll find an enormous artificial lake of crystalline water where there are fountains, one of the city’s best attractions. You’ll also find different bars and restaurants at a high level. Given its variety, this is without a doubt the best place in Dubai to make a timelapse video. If you wanna know more about the Burj Khalifa, click here.

Record a timelapse at Burj Khalifa, towering at 828 meters, and highlight its breathtaking cityscape and nightlife. Bring Dubai’s skyline to life!


In Oman: Al Khaluf – The Sugar Desert

timelapse video production in oman

At what moment does a desert become a beach? The desert of Al Khaluf reaches the sea. Its fine and dry sand becomes the place where waves break. Can there be something more magical? Well yes, there is. Sleeping in a tent separated from the sea by a protecting dune. Admiring the night sky, although we gotta say that Oman’s skies are wonderful overall. Oh, yes, and waking up to watch the sunrise above the water. This the perfect place in Oman to make timelapse videos. Maybe you can do a timelapse of a sunset or a sunrise, it’s your choice. If you wanna know more about Al Khaluf, click here.

In Kuwait: Liberation Tower

time lapse video production in kuwait

The Liberation Tower is very recent and was already in construction when Iraq invaded the country in 1990. The name came later, after the war, to mark Kuwait’s liberation from Iraq’s invasion. This tower is a national monument and even though is a communications tower; it has a restaurant and an observation deck. Why is it the best place in Kuwait to make timelapse videos? Because you can do so with the more traditional environment, like the Souk Al-Mubarakiya market and to show how local people live. You can also do embracing timelapse videography in many malls demonstrating rich people’s lifestyles. If you wanna know more about the Liberation Tower, click here.

In Bahrain: Tree of Life

timelapse video production bahrain

The Tree of Life is the most resistant and solitary tree in the world. It has 400 years in the middle of the desert. It is believed that this is of one the trees of paradise and proof to many that believe that Eden’s Garden was in Bahrain. Why is this wonder of nature a good choice for timelapse videos? Simple, because you can show a sunset or sunrise with the tree as the protagonist. You can never go wrong with nature in a time-lapse video. If you wanna know more about the Tree of Life, click here.

Those are our favorite locations for each city to make timelapse videos. If you’re interested in reading more about timelapse videos.

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Best Places to Make TimeLapse Videos in the Middle East

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