Moving Images, Revolutionizing safety awareness

03 July , 2016 by Rashida Saeed
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An Alarming Issue

According to ILO report some 2.2 million people die of work-related accidents and diseases each year, adding that this number may be vastly underestimated due to poor reporting and coverage systems in many countries. This report was 11 years ago.

In keeping with this, the International Labor Organization has released a most recent statistics that showed every 15 seconds, a worker dies from work-related accidents and 153 more contact work-related diseases.

While it is reasonable to think that the worker has some fault here, it is, in the end, the company, who’s liable for the well-being of its employees; especially to those industries who depend on man-power to run equipment and heavy machinery.  This is an area of concern not just big companies should care about but all business industries in general.

Safety Measures

Many companies have been exerting efforts into taking care of their employees’ welfare. Distribution of safety brochures, automated emails and messages, and mandating employees on safety protocol are common ways in ensuring safety is upheld within the company.

The true measure of how effective these strategies are depends on how workers respond to these measures.  However, it is imperative to consider how these messages are instilled in the consciousness of the employee.

It is easy to say things are simple to understand as it is easy to lie about actually having it understood and that is why retaining and sustenance of safety messages should be taken into account.

Lack of adequate safety culture and work inefficiency may be the result of poorly transmitted messages by the management system.

Safety Messages

Today’s digital area, people have a higher rate of retaining information through what they see and hear at the same time. A stimulus is also an effective way in aiding proper retention of messages; this enhances the efficacy of safety protocols within the company.

Supporting initiatives through delivering a mature sense of safety awareness throughout the workplace should be a priority for companies, and a strategic way in accomplishing that is by means of moving images that compel.

Safety manuals and leaflets aren’t as effective as before, these are a thing of the past. What makes employees more engaged in their work is through something they can comprehend easily. By using videos that promote, instruct and raise risk awareness, employees would likely generate a positive response especially in upholding a safe working atmosphere.

 Safety Recognition

More and more companies are embracing innovation and instilling it into their corporate culture. Safety videos are becoming a trend that most businesses follow. 

A lot of media production companies claim to producing the best services, however these companies are new to this business. They need someone that could take care of their trust and fulfill their expectations, this is the reason they approach the seasoned and most experienced in the production business.  That is why clients turn into Studio 52 for their video production needs.

Studio 52 has been revolutionizing safety messages through the use of moving images. We are the fore front of this innovation and had been giving our services to reputed companies in the Dubai, the GCC and the MENA Region.

Having worked for over 2000 companies, we have recognized the importance of safety and mastered the art of relaying it through our excellent media production capabilities.  Let Studio 52, take care of your production needs!


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Moving Images, Revolutionizing safety awareness

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