Product or Service Video, a Bridge to Reach Consumers’ Hearts & Minds

26 April , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
Product or Service Video

Running a business? Looking for business growth? Thinking about promotional activities? Planning to make a corporate video? Considering product or service based corporate video? But looking for some solid reason to make it?

Business Growth

Well, let me give you 5 reasons to make product or service based corporate video, but before revealing the advantages of corporate video, let me explain what product or service based corporate video actually is.

A product or service based corporate video is an explanatory video that concentrates on features, benefits and method of use in the most compelling way. Now let’s move on to the benefits of these kinds of videos.

  • Convenient to Explain

When it comes to explaining your product or service in detail and precisely, many companies fail to do that because of various reasons like, language barrier, continuous interruption, insufficient knowledge and other such reasons. It doesn’t only keep your company from communicating efficiently but also marks a negative impression of your brand in consumers’ minds.

  •  Boost to Customer Attention

As we know that along with visuals, audio also plays a vital role in corporate video and that’s how corporate video holds customers’ attention for a longer duration.

Customer Attention

  • Internet Traffic

If your website has a video, the chances of people coming to your website increases. In fact, Google also loves videos. And there is a bright future of video in fetching internet traffic. In 2017 video will account for 74% of internet traffic.

Website Traffic

  • Digital Medium

As this promotion is in digital format, it’s convenient to reach to mass with uploading, sharing and downloading video. If your product or service and its presentation interest recipient, she/he is definitely going to share it with others and that’s how the visibility of your brand will increase.

  • Product/Service Focused

As general corporate video talks about brand and its success story, product or service video has benefits and process as its core focus. That’s how you can bring your core offering in your target audience’ sight.

So, here there were 5 powerful reasons that assure the success of corporate video.

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Product or Service Video, a Bridge to Reach Consumers’ Hearts & Minds

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