5 Reasons Why Top Brands Use 360 Video And You Should Too!

07 April , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
360 videography

Consumers have become increasingly demanding as far as video marketing goes. With the increased need for video content that sprung with the pandemic, your users now seek even more immersive video experiences.

And this is where 360-degree video comes in! Here at Studio52, we create everything video content-related so you can get your best foot forward, and stay competitive in this field of personalized experiences.

So let’s see what a 360 video is and why you should start using it!

What is 360 Video

Unlike your classic video footage, a 360 video is actually recorded from all directions and angles, hence the name. These videos give you a complete 360-degree vision so that you can experience the scene from every corner. You can literally take control of the watching experience too — and navigate the scene from whichever perspective you like!

A great video offers such an immersive experience because it concentrates on providing engaging scenery and not only sharing information. These videos allow us to create a deeper connection with your audience and storyteller your brand like never before!

360 videos will push for higher levels of engagement, driving the click numbers up, and increasing shares and view rates — ultimately lowering your cost-per-view when advertising!

Still not persuaded? Let’s see five other reasons why you should go with 360 videos.

Beauty of Experience

People love to make their buying decision based on that future image that the product or service will bring, It is the very feeling or the imagination of that feeling that will persuade them to move their budget towards a specific product. Imagine if you could show them what’s it going to look like even before they make the decision!

These videos make the wildest dreams possible, allowing the viewers to immerse themselves in virtual reality and control all the action. Imagine, if you’re able to offer them a unique insight and look at what’s it like to enjoy your product or service even before they’ve made a purchasing decision!

Check out how Samsung does it:

Samsung 360° Snowboard & Freeski Experience


Feelings play an important part, and empathy is one of the strongest feelings in the world that makes us move in a certain direction! If you want to push people to fund your project, then how about connecting them to the issue or the cause first?

No better way to show empathy than to imagine yourself in other’s clothes and walk in their shoes. While we cannot guarantee the clothes or the shoes, we can definitely guarantee the view. You can improve the audiences’ knowledge of any cause, service, or product that will make them have an emotional response too! And emotions play a big part in our buying decisions.

Another example is an autism cause campaign by Autism TMI:

Autism TMI Virtual Reality Experience

VIP Access

We all like to feel special, and be let into the world for a designated few! It’s just something so exclusive about feeling like a VIP, even if it’s a virtual experience. How about giving your audience this unique perspective and insight?

You can use these videos to give your audience a peek at what they wouldn’t usually see from your brand. You can take them behind the curtains of your event, show them the production process or give them insight into what goes into what they will enjoy if they give you their vote!

Check out this sneak peek at the fashion week:

All Access at Jason Wu’s New York Fashion Week Show (360 Video)

Create The Fear Of Missing Out

One thing that social media platforms of today are good at is creating that fear of missing out feeling on us. You can definitely use these 360 videos to spike their interest and further raise that FOMO sensation if your product or service is limited in any way.

Just check this example by Tomorrowland festival:

Tomorrowland 2014 | 360 Degrees of Madness


Imagination Visualized

If you really want to capture your audience and gain their attention, stirring their imagination is the best way to go! 360-degree videos use all angles and editing techniques to enhance the emotions and sensations of being right there at the spot! Be it a fashion show in Milan, or the top of the Mauna Kea volcano!

Video by Expedia:

360 | How Far | Australia | Expedia

Now, things that it can do for your business, right?


360-degree experiences help us change perspectives and alter the line between the possibilities within our grasp. Open yourself to this amazing way of marketing your business, and you’ll quickly see the reaction it gets from your viewers.

If you’re not already there, let the trusted content partner of the MENA region help you there — use the professionals at Studio52 to help you create the most immersive marketing experience you’ve ever published!


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5 Reasons Why Top Brands Use 360 Video And You Should Too!

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