Fantastic IVR Recording Services Minimal Spending – How To Make It Possible

13 April , 2023 by Rashida Saeed
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If you’re a company that has one of its business channels are phone based, you’re probably using some kind of IVR recording service. That’s the entire voice system that interacts with your callers as soon as the phone rings! 

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is an automated system that allows users to interact with a call routing system.

Okay, a simple definition we know, but we think you get the gist. Now, when it comes to your existing IVR system, you’re probably looking for ways to optimize it and make it work with minimum spending, and this is where Studio52 can help you out! 

So let’s get started…


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How To Achieve A Fantastic IVR With Minimal Spending

One of the key ways to save and achieve optimal costs for your IVR system isn’t to go with the cheapest option, but with the most optimized and the most complete. You want complexity, and at the same time simplicity that will help make sense of the complex stuff. 

Also, you’d probably want a stellar service that can optimize your IVR system in such a way that you can run it even on a budget! 

Here’s how we achieve this.

Keeping It Short

No need for an overly grandiose or hyped-up messaging voice system, especially when it comes to phone callers who can get easily irritated. What you want is a simple and short message to welcome the caller, enabling them to enter menu options as soon as possible. A 10-second period between the initial information shared and the collection to query option is perfect! 

You don’t want your returning customers to be bombarded by a series of messages before they can reach the menu option. Your system should be able to recognise the caller and offer the most likely route that they’d want to take! 

Keeping It Simple

People have very short attention spans, but they don’t like to be bothered either! Think about if you were the customer on call and you get shot at by all these infomercials you don’t want to even hear because you know them by heart, and reaching your solution takes minutes when it can take seconds. 

This will definitely make you not like the brand as much as you did before the call right? 

Your DTMF tech should be at your service, both by recognizing and providing the ability of interruption and by limiting the number of options! Every menu shouldn’t have more than four options as most callers will listen to just the first few. 

Try going with the submenus and keep them as short as possible too!


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Make It Intuitive

Ever downloaded an app only to uninstall just minutes later? The likely reason was that you didn’t get how to control it right from the get-go, right? Think about what your confusing IVR service is doing to your customers then! If you’re not clear about the rules of the game right at the beginning this will raise some serious question marks. 

Always try to make it as intuitive as possible for your customer and present the most commonly selected items first! First, introduce the menu and the way to control it. If you want to add a special likeability to your IVR, go with the lingo that your customers expect and use and avoid being too rigid and technical. Try to avoid long pauses and silence between the menus. 

Making It Communicative

Ever called a company, only to end the call with the feeling that it was a completely different entity? We completely understand. When it comes to your brand, it should be unique and resonate the same ideas across all your channels, and phone calls included. 

Represent the customer with the tone of voice and language used, and represent the brand with everything else! This includes music and other recognizable voice commercials that they have most likely already heard on the radio or TV! 

Making It Smart And Personal

The very best IVR systems have the knowledge database and info about the caller. You should use this information and data to make the IVR menu and call as quick and as intuitive as possible. 

You shouldn’t make your repeated buyer go through a hell storm of a menu, just to land where they needed 5 minutes into the call. A simple “Hi, caller_ID here’s the menu based on your current package with us!”, is the best way to go.

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To summarize, your IVR should make it easy for the user to navigate and make selections. Keep in mind that not all customers are at the same level of their journey and your IVR should reflect that! Whether you need a new system in place or optimization of the old one, Studio52 definitely can help! 

Ready to make it happen? Let us know and maybe we can help you out! 


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Fantastic IVR Recording Services Minimal Spending – How To Make It Possible

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