9 Tips to Create a Successful Promotional Video

9 Tips to Create a Successful Promotional Video

30 December , 2019 by admin
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There are many forms to use video content. From email and marketing sites to advertisements and social media posts. Maybe you would like to create a promotional video. But sometimes, making video content seems difficult. Don’t worry! In this article, we are going to show you how to do it easily with these few steps. It doesn’t matter the company’s budget or video purpose.

We will help you to get your idea out of your head and turn it into an amazing promotional video. Just follow these simple tips:

1- Recognize your objective

The first step is to ask yourself: Why do you want to create a video? Keep in mind that producing a video could take you a lot of time and money. So it is essential to be clear on your objective before you start working.

These are some examples of common reasons why companies want to create a promotional video:

  • Educate customers
  • Brand awareness
  • Push sales
  • Enhance customer engagement

If you want to achieve many goals. It is convenient to make several videos.

Once you know what the goals of your campaign are. You can bring your video idea to life.

2- Define a direction

When you know your video purpose. It is easier to define the right direction for your production.

Here is a list of some directions to take your video production process:

  • Introductory
  • Explanatory
  • Problem/solution
  • Narrative
  • Product-focused
  • Testimonial
  • Informative
  • Entertainment

3- Choose the tone

Now it is time to choose the tone of your video. In order to define the perfect tone, Ask yourself. What kind of emotions do you want to audience feel with your video?

Maybe those feelings are on this list:

  • Dramatic
  • Informative
  • Conversational
  • Urgent
  • Humorous
  • Cutesy
  • Entertaining
  • Inspirational
  • Cool
  • Luxurious

Go ahead, explore various tones. This could help you develop creative ideas for your video.

4- Define your video duration

One of the most important steps is defining the duration of your video. Because, it can help you to keep focused. Do not forget that your video idea must be as big as the time it has to extend.

5- Select the visual style of your video

The next step to develop is your video visual style. Below is a top list of some general styles that you can explore for your video:

  • Animated
  • Real people
  • Stock
  • Live-action
  • Screen-cast
  • Whiteboard

You can be creative and combine some styles. There aren’t strict rules.

6- Describe your idea

It’s time to start developing the details of the video. You should write a thorough summary of your idea. For example:

  • Scenes
  • Characters
  • Audio / Voiceover / text overlay
  • Product
  • Props
  • Final CTA

The idea is trying to describe as many details as you can. Gradually all the steps are going to start fitting together.

7- Write the script

The script is the way you translate your ideas into a viable format. This is essential to incorporate people, locations, equipment, and all elements into your promotional video.

8- Production

It is important to hire a good video production company. Most of the time it is useful to have specialists help you with your video project.

9- Action!

Enjoy the process. It is amazing to bring your ideas to life!

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9 Tips to Create a Successful Promotional Video