5 things you must know before going for radio advertising

10 May , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
radio advertising

Radio is a powerful and effective media platform across the world for impactful communication. Especially in the UAE, radio communication is very popular in reaching out to a diverse audience. In UAE, radio reaches to approximately 80% of the population with 47 radio stations.  About 5.1 million listeners tune in to radio and spend an average of four hours and 22 minutes daily, among those locals and Arabs constitute 1.96 million and non-Arab expats 3.2 million.

These facts provide an insight into why radio communication must be an integrated part of your marketing strategy. Now that we have established the importance of radio communication in your marketing mix, let’s understand what would constitute an effective radio campaign. Alike every other medium, radio communication also requires immaculate planning and focused strategy. Whether you are considering radio commercial, radio jingle or ID promo ads, you should select a production agency that understands your unique needs and nitty-gritty of the medium.

Here are 5 things you must consider to create an effective radio campaign

Provide a starting hook

First 5 seconds of your radio ads are the most important. If your ad fails to hold attention of listeners in this time, they are most likely to switch the channel. Hence it is critical to provide a starting hook that straight away connects with your audience.

effective radio campaign

Select right length

Don’t explode your commercial with too many details; else you will end up with a lengthy and boring ad. Keep the length short, provide only the necessary details and leave the rest to your consumers’ curiosity.

Engage & entertain

Audience will only listen to that content which interests them. So your radio commercial should be creative in its approach and entertaining in its delivery. It will also ensure that the entire message is heard.

radio commercial

Give a call to action

You must provide a specific call to action in your ad to achieve your desired purpose. Even if your objective is to raise brand awareness and create brand recall, you can club the message with a call to action to drive a real and measurable impact.

Device a well-thought out media plan

Each radio station serves to a consumer market with different demographics. So make sure you select the right stations. It’s also important to air your ad on shows that your target audience is more likely to tune in to.

radio commercials in UAE

If you are looking for production of radio commercials in UAE, Studio 52 can help you in creating targeted radio campaigns. We have produced informative, entertaining and dramatized radio commercials as well as jingles and ID promos with professional voice over and original music for a number of leading brands across the Middle East. For more information, you can visit our website at –https://studio52.tv/audio/radio-commercial





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5 things you must know before going for radio advertising

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