5 Reasons Why Animated Health and Safety Videos Are So Effective?

08 March , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Effective Health and safety animated videos

An estimated 2.3 million people around the world have work-related accidents or diseases every year. This means workplace safety is of paramount importance as it affects the lives of your employees. While frequent accidents in your organization can deter new personnel from joining your workplace, they can also cause a great deal of insecurity in the existing workforce. This would lead to a drastic drop in your organization’s skilled workforce and productivity. Inadequate knowledge of handling highly sophisticated and expensive machinery can cause additional loss to your organization. Hence, it’s very important for every organization to complete the health and safety training in compliance with all the safety parameters pertaining to your workplace.

But, imparting effective safety training is easier said than done. Employee training is notoriously tricky, especially when it’s about health and safety. As training sessions are mostly lengthy and require attention you need to give your employees something that they can look forward to. This is why video-based learning is a great way to capture the attention of your learners. And to take the level of engagement one step higher, you should consider using animated health and safety videos to effectively conduct your safety training. Let’s see what are the benefits of safety induction videos.

What makes animated health and safety videos so effective?

5 Reasons Why Animated Health and Safety Videos Are So Effective

1.1 Easy to Show Complex Situations

It’s not easy to present every possible accident or danger lurking behind in your workplace. You would have to spend a lot of money to get the actors and equipment to shoot such scenes. But, with animated videos, you can visualize such situations that you were not able to show with conventional training methods. 

Be it the malfunction of a machine, fire emergency, toxic contingency, or any other potentially life-threatening situation, it can be shown easily using animations without creating a fake scene for such incidents. This gives you an added advantage over live shoot video production so your safety video gets completed far more quickly.

1.2 Better Employee Engagement

Compared to other video formats animated videos are more entertaining. The best part about using animated videos for your safety training is that you can use immersive scripts, graphics, sound effects, voiceovers in different languages to captivate the attention of your employees. It helps them understand the information much better, which means they are more likely to recall the information when faced with similar situations.

Animated videos are more relaxing and easier to comprehend than reading texts or concentrating on presentation slides. It doesn’t cause any mental strain, which is why employees actually retain the information.

1.3 Accessible Anytime

One of the most important benefits of having all the essential information in a video means it’s accessible to your employee all the time. They can watch the art of creating engaging safety training videos whenever they are free, traveling, or relaxing at home. As animated safety training videos are also shorter in duration, they can be watched on almost any device and even distributed to all the employees via email. 

1.4 More Information in Less Time

Conventional training methods like lectures, demos, presentations are all time-consuming and almost always successful in putting your employee to sleep. And, there’s only so much you can include in 2 or 3 minutes, which is why they tend to be longer. However, animated videos are capable of crunching hundreds of pages of information in a 2-minute long video. 

Animated videos are a perfect blend of visual elements, voiceovers, and animation techniques that can help you train your employees to handle the trickiest of situations with ease. All you need is the right script and the help of professionals who know how to work with such videos. 

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1.5 Cost-effective

Health and safety is not an area where you would think of making a profit. It’s not even an important part of your marketing mix, and definitely not as exciting as sales. But, it’s an important step to meet your legal obligations and ensure the safety of your workforce. 

Putting an effort into making a health and safety video might seem worthless and expensive. That’s not correct however as animation videos are very cost-effective and can be completed much faster than live shoot videos. 

So, these were some of the ways animated safety videos can help train your employees better. It’s one of the best mediums to get your safety message across effectively. There’s always a higher chance that these videos would not be ignored. There are many ways to ensure that these are worth watching over and over again by making use of good voice-over, animation techniques, humor, and clear concepts.

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5 Reasons Why Animated Health and Safety Videos Are So Effective?

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