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19 August , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Promo Videos for social media

Promo videos or promotional videos are a way to communicate with your consumer and share your company’s latest products, sales and events. Promo videos lend a unique identity to your brand by making it stand out from the herd. They help to grab the attention of your target audience and never let go!

How are Promo videos used for Social Media Marketing?

1. By showing product demo videos

A product demo video gives a realistic view of what a product can do for them. The video is served on a social media platform so that it gives the consumer insight into the benefits a product provides. More importantly, they show a company’s product in use and not how it works.

2. By showing customer testimonials for your brand

The reason why customer testimonial videos work so brilliantly is best encapsulated in a popular English idiom “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”. Customer testimonials are social proof and serve as positive reinforcements for using your brand. A much-used form of the promo video, 72% of consumers trust brands after seeing positive testimonials and 88% of consumers trust online testimonials.

Customer testimonial promo videos easily connect with the consumer through emotions and are great social media video marketing tools.

3. By showing product review videos

While customer testimonials are targeted to the consumer, product review videos are targeted to influencers. Third-party reviews are increasingly becoming trusted and sought after. Most of these videos are candid, funny and engaging.

4. Promo videos showing the company culture

Aimed at making your brand more personable, company culture promo videos give consumers a glimpse of the people who run your brand. These types of videos also let potential consumers know if you are the type of business they want to support with their hard-earned dollars. These promo videos are shot in a tongue-in-cheek style and create high engagement on social media channels.

5. By promoting company events

If you want to create buzz about upcoming company events or inspire FOMO in your audience, event promo videos are an excellent method. While the event is going on, clips can be shared on social media to keep your audience updated and show them what they are missing out on so that they attend these events the next time around.

Event promo videos work great on video-sharing social channels like Instagram, the hype is great and the visuals immediately connect.

6. By promoting explainer videos

Promotional video production company will help in creating explainer videos for your potential and existing customers to understand how to use your product or service. These videos highlight your product and service and show them in a better light vis-a-vis competition. Nowadays text is almost not used in explainer videos but is instead crafted with attractive visuals and music and by focussing on the functionality of how a certain product is used.

7. By promoting your latest sale

Promoting your latest sale through a promo video on social media is a great idea to drive more sales for your brand and get you more paying customers. Whether it’s copywriting services, mattresses or online courses, promoting your latest sale generates user interest and generates higher sale numbers.

8. By promoting videos where you talk about the causes you support

According to Mckinsey, 90% of Gen Z ers believe that companies should support causes related to the environment and society.CSR is a great topic for a promo video. If your company happens to support a cause, creating promo videos out of it and promoting them might be a great video marketing strategy for social media.

9. Leveraging holidays in promo videos

Holidays are a perfect excuse to create promo videos for social media. By smart product placement in the promo videos, companies can reach out to their potential and existing customers and communicate the brand values.

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Studio 52 and Promo Videos

Distinguished creative content production company Studio 52 has helped many companies create spectacular promo videos for their social media channels. These videos have been engaging and have been able to generate sales.

Studio 52 has an in-house team of highly competent video production and marketing professionals who understand the category in-depth and create compelling and relevant video promo content for their discerning clientele.

For more information, visit: Promo Video Production Company Book a Consultation Now.


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