Result-Driven Corporate Videos for Businesses

22 September , 2021 by Rashida Saeed
Result-driven Corporate Videos for Businesses

One of the sought after promotional tools for a video marketing strategy is Corporate Videos. We love well-made Corporate Videos for the simple reason that they serve multiple purposes like  Promotional Videos, Product Launch Videos, Testimonial Videos and the like. While cute cat videos will always be the most staple videos on the internet, trends in Corporate Videos are always in a state of flux. That’s because consumer needs and wants keep changing with time, and then there are economic changes. Now we also have to deal with unexpected changes like Covid-19. Businesses who use video marketing should always be aware of these changing trends and capitalise on them before competitors do.

As we explore the possibilities of video marketing with Corporate Videos for Businesses, we want to highlight their overall utility and how they fit into your Company’s Marketing Strategy to produce desired results.

Utilities of Corporate Videos

Businesses consider Corporate videos for a variety of reasons. However, we have identified some of the most popular reasons to go for them over the years.

  • Corporate video production services help stand out from the clutter of promotional messages that bombard an average viewer regularly. The news is presented in a more digestible manner.
  • Build trust with your audience as you connect to them on an emotional level.
  • It displays the human side of your business and helps you build a better bond with your viewers.
  • It is a versatile communication medium, and we can customise it for different events or audience groups.
  • It is ideal for showing your brand’s history and journey and displaying your organisation’s various facilities and campuses.
  • Videos help to generate more traffic for your website as well as a result in higher conversions.

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Different Genres of Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos come in different styles. A few of the most popular and trending types of Corporate Videos are

  1. Branding Videos are helpful for new companies/businesses as they introduce the brand to stakeholders. You can use them on the Company Profile/About Us page on your website.
  2. Social media channels prefer videos over other forms of content as it is the fastest mode of delivering your Corporate message. Social media videos are short, to the point and most importantly, entertaining.
  3. Customer testimonial videos encourage trust in your brand and are more preferred than advertisements as they show honest opinions.
  4. Product demo videos connect new product or service users to the business, especially if the category is complex and needs expert advice for usage.
  5. The large organisation uses internal communication videos to communicate policies and projects to employees and include company policies, guidelines, history, and brand identity.
  6. Recruitment videos are super effective in enticing potential employees to your brand. HR uses them in social media channels to broaden the reach for the business in search of the right employee.
  7. Training videos help recruits in a company to learn about internal programs and procedures.
  8. Corporate events videos attract potential recruits and clients by focussing on the fun side of a business and showcasing essential milestones.
  9. Request for proposal of RFP videos attracts specific project proposals from clients. It solicits bids to companies that are best qualified for the particular need.
  10. CSR videos are essential for community engagement purposes and build trust for your business. You can highlight issues like environmental protection, community hygiene and charities that your business engages.
  11. Gone are the days when Company websites had a FAQ section. The latest trend is to have FAQ videos that answer questions about their product, service or brand.

Best Practices in Corporate Video Production for Businesses

The key to a Corporate video is to communicate the message to your target audience most effectively and efficiently. Scripting is thus a vital part of the video production process. Keep in mind the following points.

  • Identification of the main objective and message and then crafting it creatively.
  • Decide on the tonality, which means videos can be funny, touchy, inspirational, emotional, entertaining -depending on the audience profile you wish to connect.
  • Make videos for customers that resonate with them on an emotional level.
  • Tell a story through a video where it is easy to entice your customers.
  • Pick one main message and build the story around it. Be short and specific.
  • Keep it simple-use conversational language and use it in your script to tell your story.

More Video Integration in Your Sales Funnel

Through apt video integration, marketers can draw in more traffic into their sales funnel and increase the chances of conversion. More brands seek to integrate more videos into their sales funnel to achieve optimal benefits and a strong ROI. Cleverly using Corporate Videos along specific points in the Sales Funnel can help you grow your business by influencing consumer behaviour to the desired outcome.

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Result-Driven Corporate Videos for Businesses

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