Are you marketing to Millennials? Here’s why you should invest in social video marketing and viral videos

10 November , 2017 by Rashida Saeed
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Capturing the Millennial Market: Taking advantage through Social Media

The world is going digital. And modern technology is evidently the new form of media. If we would be looking at the demographics, a big percentage of millennial people spend most of their time on their Social Media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Also, these platforms are reinventing their ways as to how they could engage more audiences to keep their focus on their accounts. They are trying to make these platforms as a one stop site for everything you need. Facebook for instance has widely evolved and adapted to the needs of this generation. Videos are automatically playing, interactive games, daily stories, and a lot of improvements that focus on engaging users.

Wise market players have taken advantage of this advancement by placing their ads on these platforms. With just a click, you can share any video content and gain comments and reactions from users. Social Media videos are easily picked up by major Media Platforms if they get really trendy. Marketing your brand will be easier and it saves you less time as well. Based on user reactions, you can easily gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your ad.

Viral videos will continue to spread when it is executed perfectly. These kind of videos are all over the Social Media. And one thing that makes them viral is their unconventional idea. One common element that most of these videos contain is that they capture the heart of the audiences. If you are able to capture your audience attention from the start and maintain the momentum until the end, it would likely turn out to be an effective marketing strategy.

Be very particular with the span of time as well. Millennial people have a short span of attention as they have a lot of things to focus on. Make sure to fit in all the key messages you need in a limited time. The simpler the approach, the greater the recall. One impactful statement or scene could already make your ad viral. Be very specific with the key message that you want your audiences to remember.

Make a strong call to action. Having known that you have captured your audience, make sure that you persuade them to do what you want them to do. Not everyone who shares your video is an instant consumer. Be strong on this part for this would be your gauge for the effectiveness of your ad. Millennial people could be easily persuaded if you know how to ride with the trend. Invest in Social Media and Viral Videos now!


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Are you marketing to Millennials? Here’s why you should invest in social video marketing and viral videos

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