Is the UAE construction industry missing out?

24 June , 2019 by Rashida Saeed
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We keep a constant eye on the industry trends. Staying ahead of the competition is a journey. This week something caught our attention and we decided to share it with you. The UAE is less interested in “Construction video” than it would be expected from the world’s development leader.



Is it about the format?

Looking further we found that the interest in “Video” “Video Production” and “Construction” is consistently high. Then, why is “Construction video” ignored on UAE? You might think it’s a matter of timing, you could blame it on bad year for the industry. However, development for the Expo Dubai 2020 has all but monopolized the top ranks on Google News.


It’s clear that the format is not the issue. People on the middle east enjoy video content just as much as anywhere else. In fact, we’ve seen reports showing three times more consumption of video content than the USA. Executives appreciate work-related video content. Everything points to an aggressive need for construction videos. Yet, the interest is still not there.

Where did the evidence take us?

Finally, we had a breakthrough. Comparing keyword volume forecasts for “Construction videos” on both worldwide and the UAE we found something interesting. The CPC difference was astonishing. There is very little competition for the advertisement for construction video services in the UAE. It’s funny, construction video is one of our strongest verticals. Still, we focus on timelapse related keywords.



You might raise a good point. Good Ads is not the only advertisement channel. However, it’s certainly the most important one for specialized B2B services. The lack of competition here is strong evidence that other channels will share similar metrics.

Is the construction industry missing out?

That leads to a troublesome conclusion. The UAE’s construction industry is missing out on the leading strategy of the current marketing paradigm. After all, 93% of businesses reported gaining a new customer as a direct result of a video posted on social media (Animoto).

Video content is an excellent tool to promote construction projects. Videos will also improve attention and productivity on meetings. Sure, that’s true for any business. However, you can take things to a whole new level for construction videos. The right set up will do more than show breathtaking takes. It will let you monitor your construction project anywhere anytime. There are just too many upsides.

Now that we’re aware of the main issue – There is not enough awareness about construction videos on the UAE – We will certainly do our part on solving it. The question is, can we count on you to help? If your construction company doesn’t use video marketing campaigns yet visit our site or schedule a free consultation +971-4-454-1054. Now, if your UAE-based construction company is already enjoying the benefits of video marketing please help us spread the world.

Send us your video or tag us on social media. We’ll help you get some extra exposure! Take action for the progress of the construction industry in the UAE.


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Is the UAE construction industry missing out?

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