5 Tips to Create a Professional Video on a Low Budget

01 January , 2021 by Rashida Saeed

Audiovisual content plays an increasingly important role in the world of marketing. It serves as an opportunity to engage with your customers directly or indirectly on various platforms in the form of an advertising campaign or a promo video on social media. With such a vast audience, it’s important that your video is of top-notch quality.

Although creating high-quality content comes naturally to most professional video production services, it’s not that the same cannot be achieved by you on a small budget. Believe it when we say that even if you’re just a start-up working on a small budget, you can still produce an amazing video without spending a ton of money. It sure does sound impossible, but it isn’t.

Read on to find out some of the best tips you can follow to create a professional video on a low budget!

 Simplicity is the key

It’s very important that you keep the script simple and to the point so that it doesn’t complicate things and the message delivered to your audience is crisp and clear. It’s also advisable to not beat around the bush and unnecessarily make a long video. A video of 30 seconds that captivates the full attention of your audience is far better than a 10-minute long video that cannot hold the attention of your audience. 

Keeping things simple would also mean that you don’t have to spend too much money. According to Wistia’s study, one to two minutes is the perfect length for online video content.

Getting the basics together

Think through everything. Before you begin you need to plan everything out. There are many types of video styles, from social media posts, stock videos, voice-over, animations to montage. All these styles are suited to a specific situation and platform, so you need to figure out which one suits your brand identity best.

Depending upon the audience, you can decide the type of video that will be most effective for you. It will also help you draft the message and tone of your video. The more you know about your video the easier it would be to use your budget effectively.

Use readily available recording equipment

Once you’ve thought through everything, you have to begin with the recording process. You could invest a lot of money in the best equipment and produce a more professional video. However, good equipment has to be accompanied by extensive knowledge to use them, so that can make things difficult. Therefore, sometimes less is more. 

You can get great results even with cheap equipment that is available to everyone. For example, a digital camera, a microphone, a tripod, and lighting equipment. Those are the basic elements. Even a mobile phone can be enough to make a professional video if the message is striking and hooks the audience.

Professional Video on Low Budget

Montage is a perfect choice for a novice

Nowadays, it isn’t necessary to use complicated programs or have a big knowledge of audiovisual montage. Some apps allow you to include music, text, and images that are even automated. Now, all you need is some powerful visuals and a good storyline to put it all together.

The result would be amazing and if you have very little experience in video production, montage would be a great pick.

Short videos – less is more

Short videos are more likely to hook the audience and even get more interaction. Not everyone has the time to watch a 10-minute video, but most do have the time to watch a short video of just a few minutes that leaves a clear message.

And shorter videos mean, less equipment, less work, and less investment.

So there you have it, all the necessary tips you have to know to make a professional video without spending crazy amounts of money. Remember that we live in an age where possibilities and options are endless. So you only have to use your creativity to make an awesome video with just a few bucks! 

If you have further doubts, make sure to contact us at Studio 52, one of the leading corporate video production provider in UAE.


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5 Tips to Create a Professional Video on a Low Budget

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